Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Navy Review & Swatches


Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Navy


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Amidst so many eye shadow reviews, I forgot I promised you for bloo eyeliner reviews. Here is one much loved bloo eyeliner from a brand which created a total buzz in the makeup lovers on its arrival. Read on.


Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Navy


Price: INR 180

My experience with Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Navy:

The packaging is of a regular kind -matte pencil body with cap in the same color as the shade. It snugly fits on to the pencil and will not come off on its own so you can carry it in your handbags without any worries.


Kryolan Ikonic Eyeliner Navy


The USP of this product is its pigmentation, rich color and staying power. Is there anything else that we want in 180 bucks? The shade is an extremely pretty navy blue which neither sets to a dry matte finish nor a glossy one. It is matte but not the lifeless driest matte. It is hands down the best blue I have in my collection. I have seen such blues only in the high end brand gel eye liners. The pigmentation is excellent. You sharp the pencil, swipe once and you are done- absolutely no tugging, no pulling and no swiping time and again. In summers you have to be a little caring towards these pencils though; try to keep them in open and comparatively cold places or else they’ll turn out to be ultra creamy on application.


Kryolan Navy Ikonic Eyeliner


The staying power is superb too. They will not come off unless you want it to but if you have very oily lids and its summer season, I would suggest you to top it with an eye shadow in similar shade to avoid creasing.

I don’t think I need to mention that I am in total love with this eyeliner; more so because blue suits my eyes.


Kryolan Navy Ikonic Eyeliner swatch


There is non-uniformity in Ikonic eyeliners when it comes to being waterline safe. Some of the shades suit me and do not cause any irritation while some others cause heavy watering and itching in my eyes. This one falls in the latter category. So, I restrict its usage to upper lash line only.

Overall these are one of the best eyeliners available in the market in gel finish. Grab them as soon as you can.


Kryolan Navy Ikonic Eyeliner EOTD


What I like in Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Navy:

  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Prettiest navy blue shade in gel finish that is mostly exclusive to high end brands.
  • Smooth to glide on eyes
  • Stays put throughout the day unless you have very oily eyelids
  • Cheap pricing even in the era of price hikes.

What I do not like in Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Navy:

  • Availability is a problem. You will have to probably buy a big magnifying glass to find these pencils. One of my lovely friends got 7 shades for me from Mumbai.
  • Some of the shades are waterline friendly while others are not. So you better carry your luck along.

Overall, these eyeliner pencils are worth buying or even hoarding.

Until next time, take care!

Have you tried Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eyeliner Navy ?

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  1. hehe, you took pic from the balcony 🙂

    shade is gorgeous dear, but these krylon products are not available easily. i want them badly but can’t find them 🙁

    • Yup.. I love the backdrop when I click from the balcony.. 🙂
      Ya.. Availability is such a problem with these.. That’s why I told my friend to bring 7 seven shades at once..
      They are available in Karol bagh market in delhi and mumbai stores as far as I know..

  2. These pencils will always be OOS 🙁 whenever i visit and i visit the counter zillion times 😀 😛 .
    I end up buying other products 🙂

  3. Lovely shade 🙂 I wish they had an online store too.. Availability is such an issue.. I have visited the Chennai store twice and they say there’s nothing called an Ikonic pencil. Weird. Even after showing pencils those people didn’t admit :/

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