Kryolan Lip Pencil in 908 Review & Swatches


Kryolan Lip Pencil in 908

Hi pretty ladies

I bought the lip liner and a foundation from Kryolan last year and I totally forgot about it. Anyway, now I am sharing it with you all.


Kryolan Lip Pencil 908


About Kryolan Lip Pencil 908 :-

Soft textured contour pencils in three ranges:

Classic, Iridescent and Fashion.  17.5 cm Pencil length made of cedar wood, with metal tip protector.

  • Price: INR 175
  • Packaging: The Kryolan lip pencil comes in a silver long body with a bullet type cap. There is no name to identify the shades, just numbers. The colour of the lip pencil can be identified easily with the help of colour demarcation at the end of the pencil.


Kryolan 908 Lip Pencil


Shade: The shade of the Kryolan lip pencil in 908 is a bright orange red. It is a different color to find in a lip liner.

Formula: The texture of the lip pencil is smooth and it is very creamy. It glides well on the lips. It is quite soft so tends to crumble during application. Pigmentation of the pencil is good and the finish is completely matte.

The Kryolan lip pencil being matte will accentuate dry areas of the lips. It is quite preferable to moisturize lips before applying these. The lip liner works well in extending the wear time of the lipsticks. On me it stays around for 4-5 hours of application.

Kryolan Lip Pencil in 908 Swatches:


Kryolan LipPencil 908 Handswatch

Kryolan Lippencil 908 lipswatch



What I like about the Kryolan Lip Pencil in 908:-


  •  Packaging with color demarcation at the ends will help to locate them easily.
  • It is completely free from any shimmer and it is matte.
  • Affordable
  • Prolongs wear time of the lipsticks.


What I don’t like about the Kryolan Lip Pencil in 908   :-


  • The creamy texture leads to lot of product wastage while sharpening.



  • Repurchase and recommendation - Yes, I already have a brown one with me. I recommend it to everyone for the price.

Overall, it is decent budget friendly product. The creamy texture and the need to sharpen the pencil lead to product wastage.

Have you tried Kryolan Lip Pencil in 908?


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