Kryolan Lipstick in L490: Swatches & Review


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After seeing all those Kryolan goodies reviewed by A, I just couldn’t keep myself away. I simply had to indulge in some Kryolan retail therapy. Which is exactly what I did on my previous trip to Chennai. Deepika and I ripped the store from wall to wall and bought oodles of goodies. This lipstick was the only one I picked up though…and mind you, I would have picked more had my bank account been a tad bit heavier, but I’m glad I got the chance to sample a good few bits from them…

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Kryolan Lipstick in L490 review+ kryolan cosmetics

My experience with Kryolan Lipstick in L490:

  • Color: This shade is a deep rosey pink with an underlying hint of Fuschia. It doesn’t have any shimmers, but tat doesn’t stop it from being shiny and giving an ultimate glossy look to my face.
  • Price: INR 250 for 4gms

Kryolan Lipstick in L490 review+ kryolan lipstick

  • Coverage & Pigmentation: This is a sheer finish lipstick but still provides medium coverage. It covers up the pigmentation on my lips and makes them look really glossy. I usually need just 1-2 swipes of this and I’m all set to go out.

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Kryolan Lipstick in L490 review+ kryolan

  • Texture: This lipstick is soft and glides over my lips like silk. It doesn’t sink into my liplines when they are healthy..but yes, if you use this on even minorly chapped lips, it just accentuates the flakiness.
  • Staying Power: This lipstick has a staying power of about 3-4 hours.

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I feel like everyone should try Kryolan products…not only are they pocket friendly, but they have such a huge variety. Even in lipsticks, they had oodles of finishes and being me, I just couldn’t help but gravitate towards the sheer ones. What sets these sheer lipsticks apart also I’d like to mention is the glossy finish. Don’t get me wrong, I love my MAC Lustre lippies which are just as sheer, but they ain’t as glossy as this. This is like pouring silk on my lips and gives this decadent feel even while application. Who wouldn’t want that right?


I have nothing to say against these lipstick except….why in the world don’t they give them names?? As it is I hate having numbers to identify the shades and Kryolan and complicated it further by making it alpha-numeric!! Why?? whyyy???


Kryolan Lipstick in L490 review+ kryolan lipstick swatch

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Swatches of Kryolan Lipstick in L490

Kryolan Lipstick in L490 review+ kryolan lipstick swatch+ kryolan


And this is how it looks on me 🙂



Kryolan Lipstick in L490 review+ kryolan+ fotd

What I like about  Kryolan Lipstick in L490:-


  • It’s sheer just like I love!
  • Doesn’t settle into my liplines.
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Soooooooo pocket friendly!
  • I like the hint of fuschia in the lipstick. It isn’t overpowering at all
  • When I wear it, it feels like a lipstick and gloss in one 🙂
  • Soft texture
  • Covers pigmentation on my lips.
  • Good staying power


What I don’t like about  Kryolan Lipstick in L490:-


  • Their alpha-numeric system of naming the shades.


Rating:  5/5


Have you tried the Kryolan Lipstick in L490?

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