Kryolan Lipstick in LF198: Swatches & Review


Hi All,

The last time I picked Kryolan earlier this year, I picked just 1 lippy (reviewed here)since I wanted to try it out first. I did love it and was repenting why I didn’t pick up a few more….This is the 2nd one I managed to get my hands on thanks to Sandy n Jan..And what an amazing shade it is!

kryolan lipstick LF198 review+ kryolan pink lipstick

My experience with Kryolan Lipstick in LF198:

  • Color: This shade is a peachy pink shade. When I first saw it in the tube, it looked more red than pink, but on application I was quite taken in by how pink it is actually…its a beautiful deep pink with a peachy accent lingering on..
  • Price: INR 250 for 4gms
  • kryolan lipstick LF198 review


  • Coverage & Pigmentation: This is a satin finish lippy and provides full coverage. I need just a single swipe and I’m done.


  • kryolan lipstick LF198 review+ kryolan lipstick review


  • Texture: This lipstick glides smoothly and leaves a bit of a sheen…but it does settle into the lip lines if applied heavily.



kryolan lipstick LF198 review+ kryolan lipstick swatch

  • Staying Power: This lipstick has a staying power of about 4-5 hours.


kryolan lipstick LF198 review+ kryolan+ pink lipstick swatch


I like the shade and the finish..Despite being a Satin finish lippy, it isn’t as heavy as a MAC Satin finish lippy. Hence, this takes considerably longer time to settle into my dry lips. Currently my lips are going through a dry phase which is evident in the pics but even then this lippy takes alotta time to settle in…although if I swipe multiple times it sinks in faster than ever… πŸ˜‰



kryolan lipstick LF198 review+ kryolan LF198


Again, I hate the numbers given,What’s wrong with giving shades names?  But that aside, the cost and quality make these lippies a must-try..You won’t regret it..


kryolan lipstick LF198 review+ kryolan LF198 swatch


What I like about  Kryolan Lipstick in LF198:

  • You get the full color in just  1 swipe.
  • Doesn’t settle into my lips as fast as other satin finish lippes.
  • The peachy pink is a unique shade and a must have for pink lippy lovers.
  • Easy on the poacket
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Its a full coverage lippy.
  • Covers pigmentation on my lips.
  • Good staying power


What I don’t like about  Kryolan Lipstick in LF198:

  • Their alpha-numeric system of naming the shades.


Rating:  5/5


Have you tried the Kryolan Lipstick in LF198?

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  1. The shade is so so beautiful zara, I loved it on u :lipstick:
    I love such shades a lot though I dont hav any kryolan πŸ™


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