Kryolan Lipstick L190 Review, Swatches & Photos


Kryolan Lipstick L190

Now that we have some tonnes of Kryolan product swatches on WiseShe, it’s time to review some gorgeous shades of lipstick which I purchased while swatching 🙂

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 About Kryolan Lipsticks:-

Kryolan Lipsticks are available in three finish

Kryolan Lipstick Classic:-

Lipstick with a long-proven formulation, including Vitamin E to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism. Lipstick Classic produces a matt impression and is known for its good durability. This Lip Rouge is available in a wide range of more than 48 shades.

Kryolan Lipstick Fashion:-

Lipstick for professional beauty applications. The creamy consistency of Lipstick Fashion feels soft and velvety on the lips and leaves a pleasant-to-wear sensation. This Lip Rouge preparation features a care complex with a well-balanced formulation. Lip Rouge Fashion is available in an attractive range of more than 30 shades.

Kryolan Lipstick Pearl:-

Iridescent color nuances for special optical effects. Contains Vitamin E for skin care, which stimulates the skin’s repair mechanism. Lip Rouge Pearl is available in a range of more than 32 shades.

  • Price – INR 250 ($5) for 4gm

Kryolan Lipstick Classic L190 Review+Kryolan Lipstick reviews

Kryolan Lipstick Packaging:-

Housed in a light grey plastic packaging which is not that sturdy. Packaging is not that cute and as I now have few of the shades with me , it becomes difficult to remember the name. There is no sticker underneath the lipstick giving any resemblance to the shade and till the time I don’t remember all the number it is quite a task identifying a particular shade. Also, I know when I will be able to remember the present shades which I have in my stash, I will end up buying more shades to add to the confusion. I wonder how makeup artist must be using these  probably, this is the reason they have lip palettes.

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Kryolan Lipstick Classic L190  REDDISH CORAL+Kryolan lipstick L190 reviews

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Shade L190 is a warm matte  reddish coral with a tad bit of glossy finish which is creamy and nicely pigmented. It makes me look bright and the pigmentation of the shades can be easily built up.Most of the Kryolan lipstick shades go sheer initially but they can always be built up.

It’s creamy but as my lips have gone extremely dry in my last month of pregnancy, I do require a lip balm underneath .Although it doesn’t settle into my lips and staying power is around four hours after that it leaves a slight reddish tint behind.

It doesn’t melt even in 50 degree of extreme temperature

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Kryolan Lipstick REVIEW+kRYOLAN lIPSTICK Coral coral red matte shade in KRYOLAN

Swatches  of Kryolan Lipstick L190

left – (Swiped once ) RIGHT – (Swiped multiple times)

Kryolan Lipstick Classic L190 Swatches coral red swatches

Kryolan Lipstick l190 on my lips (with flash)

Kryolan Lipstick Classic L190 on my lips+Kryolan red matte lips

Kryolan Lipstick L190 without flash :-

Kryolan Lipstick Classic L190  coral red shade on my lips+Kryolan lips matte

What I like about Kryolan Lipstick L190:-

  • A beautiful coral red matte shades.
  • Can be used sheer which can be built up
  • Glides on easily
  • Quite affordable
  • Covers all pigmentation

What I do not like about Kryolan Lipstick L190:-

  • Requires a lip balm underneath
  • Not easily available

Will I recommend it to others – Definitely! Available in 100’s of shades in affordable price.One can just swim into the shades and chose any berry, pink, coral, peach , red etc  with different finish.

Wise She Rating  – 4/5

  • Pigmentation – 4/5
  • Availability  2/5
  • Packaging – 4/5
  • Price Vs Quality – 5/5

Have you tried Kryolan Lipstick L190 ?

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  1. aha.A the shade really suits u..if the swatch wasnt motivation enuff seeing it on ur lips juz makes me wanna rush n grab it

  2. oooooooooooooooooooooo such a gorgeous shade pakka getting it n on ur lips..ufff masah allah :lipstick: :inlove: 😀

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