Kryolan Lipstick LC 197 Review & Swatches


Kryolan Lipstick LC 197


I like Kryolan lipsticks a lot for the price and in one go I bought 12 lipstick shades from them. All the pretty nude or wearable pinks are always out of stock. Recently I found them in stock and grabbed them, like I would never get to buy them again.


Kryolan Professional Lipstick


About Kryolan Lipstick:

Lipstick with a long-proven formulation, including Vitamin E to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism. Lipstick Classic produces a matt impression and is known for its good durability. This Lip Rouge is available in a wide range of more than 48 shades.

  • Price: Kryolan lipstick costs 300 INR
  • Packaging Kryolan lipstick retails in a silver box packaging. It has a simple and sturdy packaging. The shade number is mentioned at the bottom of the lipstick.
  • Color: The lipstick in LC 197 is a coral pink shade. If you are fairer then this color might look very peachy on you. The shade might wash out very deeper Indian skin tones. I like to wear this shade only with foundation as it might wash out my dusky skin


Kryolan Lipstick Review


  • Texture: The lipstick has a satin finish. It is semi glossy and the formula is semi-opaque but buildable. I have pigmented lips and I require good 3 swipes to build up full color intensity. I really like these lipsticks as they can easily worn semi sheer or can be layered up for an opaque finish.
  • Pigmentation: As I mentioned it can be worn semi sheer, meaning like a tint of color on lips with a single swipe and opaque with 3 or 4 swipes. I have pigmented lips and I require good 3 swipes for color pay off.

 Kryolan Lipstick LC 197 Swatches:


Kryolan Lipstick LC 197


Staying power: It stays on me for good 4 and half hours and survives mild snacks. Formula doesn’t settle in fine lines and after fading it leaves a peachy tint to lips.


Kryolan Lipstick LC 197  Swatches:-

Kryolan Lipstick LC 197 Handswatch

Kryolan LC 197 Lipswatch


What I like about Kryolan Lipstick LC 197:

  • Pretty coral pink shade
  • Highly pigmented
  • Good staying power
  • Affordable
  • A lot of shades to choose from.

What I don’t like about Kryolan Lipstick LC 197:

  • It is not moisturizing.
  • May be Availability – they are not in stock for the affordable price   range.

Ratings: 4/5

Have you tried Kryolan Lipstick LC 197 ?

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  1. 12 lipsticks at once…what a haul it must have been!

    love the color, but somehow it seems like its settling in the lines, which is kind of a huge turn off for me

      • I have never been there myself and now you are tempting me so bad….the worst/best part is that their store is so close to my home, but I have been resisting!

  2. 12 at once? :O omg Pavai.. U must be liking all d shades I know. 🙂 At my place they dont stock much lipsticks 🙁

    The shade look great but then settling into line is a drawback for me :/


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