Kryolan Polyester Glitter Pigment -Sea Spray Review, Swatch FOTD


Hello, glitter fans!

Glitter makeup is in! I mean why not? When you love to shine, why won’t your makeup? Glitters are a little tricky to handle but if you can, nobody can stop you from shining. Kryolan has always been the favourite brand for makeup lovers and if you are one among them, don’t forget to check out Our Top 20 Kryolan Products post. Now, let’s get back to this one! Loose glitter pigments make us look more vibrant and is perfect for wedding/ festivals. You can always team it up with your favourite Indian/ traditional wear and set the place on fire (not literally, though.  😛 ) And so if you are interested in knowing more about Kryolan Loose pigments in the shade Blue, then dig in!

What the brand claims:

Pure Pigments are matt micronized cosmetic pigments. They are extremely colour intense. Create a base using a primer before application. With Pure Pigments colour effects from Eye Shadow, for example, can be intensified.

How to apply the glitter pigment:

You can simply use the desired eyeshadow of your choice and then top it off with a glue. Then you can apply the glitter as per needs.


INR 350 for 3 gms


The Kryolan Glitter comes in a small pot like a tub with a hole on the top. This helps in the easy pouring of the glitter which is really convenient according to me. The name Kryolan is written on the top. The tub is transparent which means you can see how much product is left. Overall, this is a basic simple packaging which serves the need.


The colour of the glitter is blue. The colour is not that on the face kind of blue and has a little greyish feel to it.


It is a bit heavy and you can feel the individual glitter on your fingertips.

Staying power:

It is like forever! It won’t go anywhere until you remove it all yourself. Removal can be a pain but if you read Easy way to remove glitter makeup, it won’t be!

What I feel about the product:

Kryolan, as a brand has never failed to impress me with its products. I have used MAC loose pigments and I swear by it but it is a little expensive and so Kryolan is the one for me right now. The glitter is really good and it is extremely long lasting. Whenever I wear it, people compliment me and I love it! The only con which I feel is the packaging which is somewhat a little loose. It is not that travel-friendly. Overall, I love the glitter and I will surely try some other colours from this range.


Yes, I do recommend this Blue Glitter to all the glitter lovers. It is really a good and affordable option to go for!


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