Kryolan Perfect Matt Primer Review


Kryolan Perfect Matt Primer

Over years, I have learnt that the first step to perfect makeup is a flawless base. Once the base is perfected it becomes so easy to apply all kinds of makeup and also do touch ups. Since I have oily skin, I have had to struggle a lot of with foundations until one SA told me the secret that if you have use a base or primer that is suited to your skin, then you can make any kind of foundation work on you. This advice has been a godsend for me and now foundation shopping has become a breeze because I use KryolanPerfect Matt under my foundations. All I have to do is find a good shade match in any foundation and that’s it.

Kryolan Perfect Matt Primer

About Kryolan Perfect Matt:

Perfect Matt is the ideal matting agent for a face before it is made up. It is especially suited for the natural look in professional photography.The vitamin complex contained in Perfect Matt means at the same time that it effectively cares for the skin.

Ingredients:See pic

Price:Rs. 1200 for 40 ml.

Kryolan Perfect Matt Ingredients

Packaging: It comes in a sleek steel gray tube with a screw cap. The packaging is very practical and there are no unnecessary decorations. Ingredient list and relevant dates are given on the box but not on the actual tube, so I have had to save the box also.

Color, Texture and Fragrance: It’s an airy, non-sticky and colorless gel and is fragrance free. One tiny amount easily spreads across the entire face so one tube will actually last a pretty long time. It absorbs very easily within a few seconds.

Kryolan Perfect Matt Review

My verdict about Kryolan Perfect Matt Primer:

Since Kryolan is a professional makeup brand, the products are all meant to work for professional photography and last for ages. This primer is no different. Once put on, it blurs lines and wrinkles and smoothens any unevenness of skin texture instantly. This effect is actually very visible the second I put it on. As for its matt effect, it is legendary. No shine on my face for the entire workday, people!

It definitely helps with making my makeup last longer and reducing the frequency of touch ups. On the days I use this to office, I don’t have to worry about touch ups post lunch and my makeup is still going strong after a workday of 10-12 hours. I really think it scores high on almost all aspects, except the absence of SPF in it.

Kryolan Perfect Matt Swatch

I use sunscreen religiously, so this is not too bothersome, but for those looking for a primer with SPF this might be disappointing.

What I like about Kryolan Perfect Matt Primer:

  • Instantly blurs fine lines and spots
  • Gives a smooth base to apply foundation
  • One tiny pea size will suffice for the entire face
  • Mattifies like nobody’s business
  • Makes makeup last longer

What I don’t like about Kryolan Perfect Matt Primer:

  • Contains no SPF
  • Would be too drying for dry-skinned beauties
  • Available only at kryolan stand-alone stores

Rating: 4.75/5

Have you tried Kryolan Perfect Matt Primer?

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  1. This is a silicon based primer, isn’t it?
    Then it should be noted that many people may be allergic to the silicates and should have a spot test before putting it anywhere near their faces. 🙂
    Better be safe than sorry!


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