Kryolan Premium Foundation Brush 9930 Review


Hi all,

I think that a Kryolan store so near to my house will be my downfall. I will get completely broke because it is very hard not to go there and try out everything it has to offer.

This brush is from Kryolan’s premium range. It is numbered 9930.


Kryolan Foundation Brush 9930

About Kryolan Premium Foundation Brush 9930


An especially soft brush made of exceptional synthetic bristles designed particularly for application of foundation. This special makeup brush allows completely innovative application techniques for makeup and enable outstanding results. The elegant metal handle has a silvery finish.

So my latest Kryolan haul included this foundation brush. For a person who always used to apply foundation with fingers or sponge, this has helped a lot to get the best flawless finish I could ever get. I have been on the hunt for the perfect liquid foundation brush and my search ends with this.


Kryolan Premium Foundation Brush Review


The brush is tapered round at the top and has a sleek long silver handle and it comes in a plastic case.

Some foundation brushes are too big or too small but I find that the size of this one is big enough to get the job done in a few minutes and also gets into the corners of the nose and other smaller areas. It provides great coverage. Sheer, light, medium or heavy depending on application technique. As for the technique, I truly believe that you must experiment with different techniques and face makeup steps.
The bristles are also very soft and sturdy. I find that it is also flexible enough to use with ease.

This brush made a huge difference. Even though I don’t “save” on the foundation, the effect is very different–flawless, as though I’m not wearing foundation, while still covering up any imperfections

It can be a little hard to clean because the bristles are quite tightly packed. It has not shed at all yet.


Kryolan Premium Foundation Brush 9930

What I liked about Kryolan Premium Foundation Brush 9930:

  • Very easy to use
  • Bristles are soft and sturdy
  • Easy to apply on smaller areas
  • Gives a flawless finish
  • Good for building coverage
  • No shedding

What I did not like about Kryolan Premium Foundation Brush 9930

  • Bit hard to clean

This is an excellent foundation brush and I think most people would be quite happy with it.

Kryolan Premium Foundation Brush

Rating: 4.5/5


Have you tried Kryolan Premium Foundation Brush 9930?


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  1. wow!! this reminds mem of the No.7 foundi brush i have….if its d same, then we have a fab dupe brush!!!

    i want so much from kryolan ya Ria….but no kryolan in my city 🙁 🙁

  2. Kryolan is ruling the space in Wiseshe these days. 😉 This sounds like a good buy Ria. 🙂 I hv one frm vega that i rarely use. 😛 I find my fingers better. :rotfl: Hv dot sigma F80 recently and learning to apply my foundi with that too. 😀


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