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Hey gals,

I’m going to check Kryolan Concealer palette this Saturday and since, have heard so much about the brand, may consider checking some of their other products too. Anamika has reviewed their translucent powder so will be checking it. So apart from their concealer palette and translucent powder, if there’s something that’s really good and worth trying, please let me know. If possible, try and recommend shades too.
Kryolan suggestions+ Concealer  paeltte


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  1. Theres a eyeshadow palette that costs about 1800 and has 12 amazing shades! I have seen that one around! it has amazing golds, reds, green and etc etc ! I love love love it! Def worth buying!

  2. I have their tv paint stick foundation/concealer/transluscent powder/ultra underbase and their makeup removal cream…love the tvc paint stick foundation a lot…its fab works on my oily/acne prone skin and has never broken me out..i usually use it over unltra under base which is a primer and works fab to keep my makeup intact for long time! tv paint stick can be drying and you wud have to exfoliate and moisturize your skin well but it photographs really well :inlove:
    Also heard alot about their cream liners and camaflouge foundations which are usually used in wedding makeups and can even check out their makeup brushes..hope this helped

    • Wow Pari… how can it not help? It’s super-helpful… thanks so much
      I have a dry to combination kinda skin so will have to check if foundation’s working well on me but will surely try all the stuff that u’ve recommended :-))

      • hey fahee I dont rmemeber the nos 🙁 but will go home and check and let you know later..ok? I am NC40-42 in MAC and the stick foundaiton which I have matches my skin tone to the T..also fahee I wouldnt suggest you to order online..if poss pls visit kryolan shop nr your place get the products tested on yourself before buying..yeah if you dont have a kryolan shop nr your place than no choice 🙁 will def check the shade no and let you know later

        • thanksa lot pari..i’m in a village..err…town..i mean allahabad where der is no shop even for decent clothes even :wallbash: 😥

          • hey fahee and forum..the tv paint stick i am using is FS28 and i think it will def suit NC40-42 complexion and trust me it gives brilliant finish and only I wore it in the morning 9am and it was intact till 10:30 pm in the night..we had a project party today 😀

              • hey forum..u r welcome 🙂 hey dont worry about finding your match as i think they have more than 100+ shades so you will def find your match! also make sure you get the foundation applied on your face and check in day light how it fares for you 🙂 the SAs there are quite helpful too

  3. Hi

    This brand was once recommended to me by a MUA while travelling in a BEST bus. Did check out some stuff at Beauty Palace – but the products were old (manufactured in 2009) and hence did not pick up anything…………

    • Forum..Kryolan has its exclusive shop in Mumbai in Andheri and I got all my stuff from there..the SA there used all the stuff on my face and then I checked in day light to see if its looking weird as in their hallogen bulb all the stuff looks good only but once I was in day light my sis told me its looking so natural as if nothing is applied on face and i was impressed and so bought all the visit their exclusive shop in andheri and u’ll get all the latest products only..i think the shop is near beauty the same line as kobe sizzlers near oshiwara police station 🙂

      • Oh if they do, then it’s great Pari… I tried searching on the net for it’s address but not getting anything other than beauty palace and G-3… and I haven’t seen a Kryolan shop in Oshiwara Police station and Kobe’s line… what is it called – Kryolan only or something else? If u can give me directions or address, would be just awesome

  4. Forum..they do have a seperate shop just next to beauty palace…also kryolan sells its product through beauty palace only but if you go there you will see two shops next to each other one is kryolan and next one is beauty palace 🙂 the shops are just before the turning of the road towards mega mall..hope i didnt confuse you and trust me if you walk towards mega mall from oshiwara police station or kobe sizzler side you cant miss it 🙂 also near to kryolan there is one Hair salon i think from L’oreal exclusive..but not sure..all the se shops are on the main road only

  5. Hey Forum
    You should try the Fixing spray, a MUA told me that its better than MAC Fix+

    Appu, you’ll find Kryolan at Kathiawar stores in Hyderabad 🙂

  6. Kryolan is a good brand but their concealers r too heavy for day wear. They have this palette called Supra foundation which is like the tv paint stick. Quite thick though. Since we have a kryolan store in mumbai,its an easy access to their super wide range of products. I loved their fake lashes,loose powders, bluishes that are very very pigmented and lots of stuff.

    This is a bit out of trach but I must share this. You’d love the Ben Nye matte foundation as they have better texture and are so smooth. Very professional and amazing.

    • Thanks Dr Neeraj… actually I have dark circles and have not managed to find a perfect concealer so was thinking a Kryolan pallette would help… I will try a couple of other things that u’ve suggested except for the lashes 🙂
      Is it possible to find Ben Nye in Mumbai?

      • Forum i think few Ben Nye products are available at Beauty Center..also I too have the exact same problem of heavy dark circles and equally dark eye lids and hence i went to kryolan..the concealer they gave me is more of a color corrector..its orange in color and cancels out the darkness of your under eye circles quite effectively..initially i was what the hell this concealer is orange 😯 but then when she finished the entire look on my face the dark circles were indeed concealed nicely and i was quite happy….but yes these foundations and concealers are quite heavy for everyday wear.

        • hehe… ya I understand what u felt ‘coz even I was introduced to yellow concealer by one of my salonists… however, I think I need a peach so have been hunting for a palette that gives me the flexibilty of mixing and matching
          I don’t wear foundation daily in any case… only for special occassions, so guess tht will be okay for me if the foundation really gives me an apt finish
          Am going to Beauty Palace, so if Ben Nye’s available there then I’ll try it… if not then will check it whenever next I happen to visit beauty centre


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