Kryolan Professional Blusher Brush Art no. 1716 Review


Kryolan Professional Blusher Brush Art no. 1716

Hi Girls,

How you all are doing? Today I have got one great brush for you all. Read on to know. 🙂

Product name: Kryolan Professional Blusher Brush Art no. 1716


Kryolan Professional Blusher Brush


Price: Rs. 300

About Kryolan Professional Blusher Brush Art no. 1716:-

 Professional Blusher Brush with soft, natural bristles specially designed for application of blusher.

How many of you like painting? Well I do but I can’t even paint, all those art brushes looked scary to me.  How much I tried I could not master the art of using brushes to create wonderful paintings 🙁 But this time I have got a super simple and easy “Art brush” to paint my face and boy! I am impressed. I am not much of a makeup person but I do like basic light makeup.  M.A.C. Studio Fix powder foundation has been my best friend for the past one year. I used up its sponge and I really wanted to apply powder with brush so I headed straight to M.A.C. Just as I entered the mall, I saw a Kryolan store. I headed to check out their brushes instead. I asked the person (don’t know if he is the SA) to show me powder brush and blusher brush (for my future blush purchase :-)) He showed me this brush and said that I can use it for both powder and blush. I was overjoyed. Without any trial I came home with my first ever brush.


Kryolan Brush Art no. 1716


The brush comes with a boring flip type plastic cover. I am still using this cover during my travels also. Overall packaging is a bit turn off for me.

Coming to the brush, it comes with a long handle, with the bristles packed into an aluminium wrap. It is lightweight. The bristles are nicely packed, I won’t say tightly packed. They claim to be natural but I don’t know what material they are made of. They are black in color. The bristles felt little rough when I tried the tester at the counter, the SA told that as it is old, it is like that (that means, when the new brush will be old, it will be poky??)


Kryolan Blusher Brush 1716


Anyways, the new brush felt soft. It picked up the pressed powder well and applies nicely. Initially it did shed 2 to 3 bristles but nothing major after that. I wash this twice weekly and till now it must have shed some 8 bristles (yes I did keep a count 🙂 ) I had purchased it in September so in 4 months it had shed 8 bristles. At this price, I don’t mind repurchasing.


Kryolan Blusher Brush no.1716


Now coming to the bad thing, the powder seems very light on my face in the first application. I have to apply powder three to four times to mattify my face. I like the natural sheer coverage this brush gives but I do like a little bit more powder to keep oiliness and shine at bay. Other than this I don’t face any issues with this brush. May be as this is a blusher brush, it is meant for light blush application. I have not tried blushes so can’t comment on that. 🙂

What I like about Kryolan Professional Blusher Brush Art no. 1716:

  • Inexpensive brush
  • Soft bristles, claimed to be natural
  • Applies powder softly
  • Lightweight

What I don’t like about Kryolan Professional Blusher Brush Art no. 1716:

  • Packaging is not nice
  • I have to build the powder application to get the desired coverage

Rating: 4.5/5

Do I recommend? OH Yes! At this price, the brush is of very good quality and it’s Kryolan! Their products do work.

Take care girls! See you soon.

Have you tried Kryolan Professional Blusher Brush Art no. 1716?

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  1. Its an adorable one 🙂 .. Nicely reviewed girl 🙂 .. I’m looking for some Kryolan products – will definitely rank this one high in the lust list 😉
    Cute Pixy 😉


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