Kryolan Professional Brush Art 3511 Review


Kryolan Professional Brush Art. 3511

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Only after reading reviews here in wiseshe I came to know about a brand called Kryolan. When I went to the store for the very first time it was all new, frankly I dint know what are their products used for seeing all the different colours and their huge collection, then researched and found they are used for theater and drama stuffs. I know, you all must be surprised, guys I am a girl who grew up seeing Lakme and Revlon counters and was in utter shock when I saw Inglot and Kryolan world of makeup. I am really happy I found the big makeup world, now I want to be a part of it. 😀


Kryolan Professional Brush Art. 3511 Review+eye shadow brush

About Kryolan Professional Brush Art 3511:-

Experienced craftsmen use natural Chinese sable to create these excellent makeup brushes – and to provide the makeup artist with a functional tool at an especially attractive price.

  • Price: Rupees 135

My experience with Kryolan Professional Brush Art. 3511 :-

The Kryolan professional art 3511 is an eye makeup crease brush. Kryolan has affordable and expensive brushes. There are more than three types of brush ranges. I got this brush from the professional range. The packaging of all the Kryolan products are typically same, the boring silver grey packaging. But seriously for their price tag, I really don’t think I should complain. 😛

This is my first eye crease brush, I am learning makeup and taking baby steps, I dint want to spend 1000s on brushes at this learning stage. I just thought I should learn properly and then spend on expensive ones like mac and inglot.

Kryolan Professional Brush Art. 3511 Review Bristles+eye shader brush

The brush bristles are soft and gentle on your eyelids. The bristles have a rounded edge and sits perfectly at your eye socket, helping you apply and blend eye shadow at the crease easily.

Kryolan Professional Brush Art. 3511 Review Handle+eye brush

I have used this brush for several times now and I can tell you all with full satisfaction that this brush is too easy on maintenance. I use the Johnson’s baby shampoo for washing my brush as it is gentle. The brush did not have any shedding of bristles nor did it turn rough as I expected this to happen for the price.

What I like about Kryolan Professional Brush Art. 3511 :-

  • Soft and gentle bristles
  • Perfect size for eye makeup
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t shed
  • Doesn’t bleed
  • Easy maintenance – I just wash with Johnson’s baby shampoo for cleaning.

What I don’t like about Kryolan Professional Brush Art. 3511 :-

  • The only problem might be availability issue. Kryolan products are not sold online.

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I recommend Kryolan Professional Brush Art. 3511 ?

Yes, it is a steal for the price, do get it.

Have you tried Kryolan Professional Brush Art. 3511 ?

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  1. Hey Pavai… I have this one… Good and soft.. Kryolan brushes are really good… Planning to get few more Any suggestion dear ?? :))


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