Kryolan Supracolor Foundation Review & Swatches


Kryolan Supra color Foundation


Hello beauties,

I have come again with a Kryolan product 🙂 Trust me the quality of their products are awesome. I am so happy to be in a place where I have access to them easily 🙂

Today’s review is a foundation


Kryolan Supracolor foundation


Quantity: 4 grams

Price: Rs. 200/- (can you believe it!!!)

Full size product is available for Rs 600 or 900. Sorry I forgot but still affordable 🙂


FS 28 Kryolan Supracolor Foundation


My experience with Kryolan Supracolor Foundation:

I don’t use foundation regularly. I had purchased MAC face n body earlier but stopped using when I realized the shade C4 becomes a little dull and dark after some time on my skin. When I randomly asked the MAC MUA about that problem, he told it is for dry skin, not for oily skin and every time a fixing or setting powder MUST be used after using liquid or cream foundation. I was completely unaware of this fact.

For my friend’s marriage I wanted to try the very raved about Kryolan TV paint stick but I had read it clogs pores. My two other friends purchased the paint stick to use for their marriage. The sweet and patient SA applied this one on my face and topped with loose powder and my goodness, I could not make out that I had applied something on my face. My face looked flawless.

As I’m way too happy with my MAC studio fix for daily use, so I didn’t want to buy a full size product but thankfully she gave me this refill size pack. She also told it is for oily skinned girls!! So yayy!!!


Kryolan Supracolor Foundation FS28


The pack is a pain to use if you don’t have any palette. Till now I am using it as it is and keeping it in a dark place. I have got a small dibbi and I will transfer it to the same 🙂

The shade is FS 28 and it matches my skin tone nicely. I use the Kryolan smoothing brush and also the MAC duo fibre 188. Both blend well nicely. In 2 minutes I have flawless and glowing skin. This foundation is creamy in texture and a little goes a long way. Again it is much pigmented and provides medium to full coverage. I like to have light coverage so I use lightly.

I top with loose powder and my skin remains oil free for 6 hours without any touch ups. Please note without primer too. Isn’t it great? I have pretty dark spots spread all over my face, though it doesn’t cover fully, the spots and marks seem very less visible and by the way, it gives no white cast, does not oxidize (just ensure to wear sunscreen under it), stays put in hot humid summer (though my face starts producing a little oil in the sun) and photographs beautifully!


Kryolan Supracolor Foundation FS 28 swatches


I’m definitely thinking to buy the full size product for my wedding (if hope to finish this refill by that time :-))

What I like about Kryolan Supracolor Foundation:

  • Wide color range to match every skin tone
  • Suitable for oily skin
  • Blends nicely into the skin
  • Gives medium to high coverage
  • Creamy but will not break out if used properly
  • Also conceals my utterly dark under eyes
  • Photographs beautifully, no white cast
  • Survives hot humid summer
  • Staying power is 6-8 hours without primer

What I don’t like about Kryolan Supracolor Foundation:

  • Need a good make up remover else may cause breakouts
  • May make the T-zone look little oily after 4-5 hours
  • Availability

Rating: 5/5

Do I recommend? Big Yes. I have never loved a foundation like this.

Take care girls 🙂

Have you tried Kryolan Supracolor Foundation?

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  1. I guess Dermacolor suits oily skin better.. I hv used both and I find derma better even for acne prone skin..

  2. Dis is wonderful.. I have the TV stick.. It does not make me oily, but I do look shiny in T-zone after a while.. Need to try dis now 😉

  3. Good piece to read. As a pro mua, I would like to share that it is a supra base not a supra foundation.
    Difference b/w this refill base and a TV paint stick is the moisture content. Refill has 50-60% moisture and the stick has 20-30% that’s why it suits oily skin well.

  4. very nice and detailed post : -)

    I stay in bangalore and could not find the Kryolin dermacolor concealer the supracolor foundation any where in the E comm site. They are available in a few like ebay but available for way too high than the actual cost .

    Can you please let me know where I can buy thes 2 from ? Any pointer would be highly appreciated 🙂


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