Kryolan Translucent Loose Powder Review


Kryolan Professional Makeup – Kryolan translucent loose powder

On my visit to Kathiawar store Hyderabad  last month I spotted Kryolan products and bought makeup studio cream foundation  and loose powder.It’s been a month and there has not been even a single  day when I have not used this loose powder.

Kryolan is a well known brand and is used by many makeup artists and as far as prices are concerned they are  decently priced.Kathiwar had famous Kryolan cake liner as well but only in black shade so I skipped it.

Coming back to Kryolan translucent powder helps in keeping my foundation for long especially for days where I have to go out for whole day .Kryolan translucent powder reviews +Kryolan product reviews

  •  Price – Rs 650 for 60gm

I have the shade TL14 which has yellow undertones and works well with almost all my foundations.With its smooth texture and nice light fragrance it keeps my face shine free.As the name suggest it is a translucent powder and therefore goes sheer and doesn’t change the shade of the foundation.(I bought the exact shade I don’t know if some one buys a shade fairer then it might change the shade of the foundation)

  •  Packaging –     I seriously has problems with its packaging.It comes in a round light grey  plastic tub  and they have made these small holes in the inner lid .Everytime when i dispense the powder out from the lid there is either too much of the product which comes out or too less.You can see there is loose powder lying all around the corners of the tub  🙁 To solve the problem I have started taking out little powder in the cover of the tub and with my powder blush I apply  it all over my face and what ever is left I use it on my hands :P.I think if there would have been a seal on the small holes then I would have managed to save lot of product here :duh:

Kryolan loose powder reviews translucent +Makeup

Look at the picture below :O ..this is the amount of the product which is still left when I have been using it almost every single day.Isn’t worth the price?

  • Texture – Powder is so fine and gives that flawless complexion and keeps my skin oil free for 3-4 hours easily and it is going to suit most sensitive skin too.


Kryolan translucent powder+Kryolan products India

 What I did not like about Kryolan translucent powder


  • Packaging ofcourse
  • It’s not available online and difficult to find in most cities.(Do let me know if you get Kryolan products in your city)
  • This powder  is little drying so might not work for severe dry skin .
  • All loose powder generally  create lot of mess 😛


Kryolan Loose Translucent powder review +Indian beauty blog

Will I recommend it to others – For sure ! This product despite of its unimpressive packaging works nicely  and is pretty decently priced  if compared with its  quantity.Going to last long , sets makeup beautifully , not chalky and is so fine in texture which  helps me giving that no makeup look which I absolutely adore nowadays 🙂

Rating – 4/5


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  1. I have this!! Love love love (or as Zara says Lub lub lub)
    The trick to remove powder is is to keep the box closed ulta, tap on it lightly once or twice.
    Then open it. U shouldnt have too much power out of the screener!! 😎

  2. i too love it kejal..this is what i do now ..take out the powder in the cover but then one can not put it back if excess comes out ..hai na?

    where do u get kryolan product in Mumbai?

  3. thank you sooooo much for doing this review ..
    am gonna pick a bunch of Kryolan products when i go to mumbai next month
    and this will be on top of my list ….
    i seriously want this and as I have oily skin i guess it will work for me
    thanks again ana for this 😀 even Neeraj praise this high :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    let me see if i get their liners in different color … i will get purple and blue for you :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :highfive:

  4. Ohh! Uv raved so much bout this..was waiting for this review infact…awsome this is…and it keeps the face oil free for 3-4hrs? thats fantastic!

  5. Anything that keeps the face oil-free makes me drool…I love how much product there is in that dibbi!! :yes:

    What about the ingredient list, A?

  6. I used this 2 years ago….it was 550 back then…its gone upto 650 now!! But ya worth it…why did i not get a second one??!! :sidefrown:

    Me getting it on my next Kathiawar trip… : :tap-dance:

    And haan whats the best way to apply loose powder? Puff , sponge or brush ??

  7. Hi, nice review as always :). Could you plz tell me where this Kathiwar store located in Hyderabad? Is it like all-at -one go beauty store ?

  8. havent been to kathiawar in a while. passed by the shop on sunday (the one towards Abids) but it was closed..i should make a trip again sometime soon..:) thanks for the reminder..mmmuuuaaahhh

    • Hey Switty…ul get in ekdum thok me in chennai…Kryolan has an academy there for trng MUA for films and ul pakka find their stuff there..m not sure of the exact location..perhaps a Chennai based reader may b able t help…but if i recall correctly, its somewhere in a place called egmore, chepet…not sure tho..

      u can check ebay also…only one shade is available tho..more may come soon..

    • Its available i abeauty store called Sumangali in vadapalani and also availabale in glamour Cine-world vadapalani.. but ikike sumagali better thay have variety of shades.

  9. wow seems like great product.
    I have seen kryolan pancakes at my place. butdontknow whether its original or fake.
    i hope its not fake though.
    but ts pancake and not powders . and no testers too..

    • Hey Mitha,

      this is the biggest problem in kathiawar hyderabad too ..most of the products didnt have tester..and by the way this was what i was recommending you 🙂

      • Yup !!! but not available dear.
        but ever since after using my primer, I hardly need touch ups ..
        my face remains fresh for more time than ever before.
        definitely am gonna review it !!!

        • u seems to be liking the primer too much..i also wanted l’oreal primer then one of my friend told me that its made in china so i got little hessistant about its ingredient.can u let me know ho good its ingredients are?

          • Sure Zara I would do the review. First my sis bought the primer and I reallly liked its feel on my skin . tried it once and fell head over heels. so rushed to the store on the same day and grabbed it.
            my son was crying and crying so could nt check the other products at the counter . just grabbed it and came back.
            One more thing Zara u have tempted me to get loreal lippies as well. am confused which one to get now cashmere, pappaya sandalwood beige ,old rose .
            lots of colours na
            please suggest me MLBB colour dear
            otherwise I use maybelline my mahaginy a=n a daily basis.

            • haha! i knooo they r soooo tempting..i actually havent ever seen a primer from loreal…ive only seen their true match concealorbut never the primer..m vry very curious bout it..

              Their lippies r really really gorgeous..M not sure what skin tone you are and which shades usually suit u, but some shades r truly fool proof..u shud try out a glodd from their glamshine range as well..A and I both swear on it..

              U shud try and swtch the papaya shade first b4 buying it since its a dicey shade and may not suit all..Old rose, rose guava is pretty fool proof and usually always tend to look gud.. u can check the swatches in A’s post here to have a better idea:

              this range is so my fav..

              • hey Zara i already checked the link days before. but now am more confused what to buy.
                my skintone is mac 44.5
                and i love MLBB shades like Maybeline my mahagony ..
                glamshine range sure would try it out.

                please try the primer as u would like it.
                bcoz mine is extremely oily skin and whatever i put on my face makes my skin oily in very few hours.
                once after applying this primer I found my skin turning less oily and stays fresh more time.
                but i have nt used any other primers so cant position loreal in terms of other primers..
                heard that nyx and elf too have good primers. but its not accessible at my village !! :rotfl:

                • i ma a MAC novice re..i can never understand the Nc funda n all.. 🙁 🙁

                  u shud totally check the glamshine range…perfect for all occasions..

                  u hav totally oily skin? i have a very oily T zone…which face packs or scrubs do u use?

  10. I have heard so much bout their concealers too..its a professional makeup range naa..Never seen in delhi..:-( even wrote them an email to get infor about outlets in delhi, but no one replied.

  11. I know i ‘m too late but wanna know something.. Is this a shade which will suit all skin tones.. Because i have a medium to dusky tone. I wsnt ti know whether it ll suit me

  12. Hey gals, Does someone know where can i find KRYOLAN stuff in bangalore??
    Please Help, I have been looking for this like everywhere, but never found till now… I hope they have it in bangalore

    • Sushma, they are not available in Bangalore. I ordered them from Beauty Palace, Mumbai. They can courier all the products that you need. Hope that helps :)!


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