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Pretty Peeps :)With the temperature & pollution rising outside, it’s time to make some ‘concrete’ changes in our daily skincare rituals to make it summer ready. Because while the weather may be great for #sunkissed selfies, the increased exposure to the sun’s UV rays could be more damaging to your skin than you’d imagine. Now, while you have numberless products out there to help our skin to stay glowing & healthy, Here I have added some phenomenal newly launched products from Marico Limited to my skin care army.

kaya youth oxy infusion face cream

Marico Limited’s new range is really worth checking out. It has an impressive skin & hair care range with great pricing & quality. Marico Limited was kind enough to sent me their new range of skin care “ Kaya Youth Oxy Infusion” & I have been using this regime ever since I got it. Keep on reading to know more about my experience with this new range.

About Kaya Youth Oxy Infusion Skin Care Range

kaya youth oxy infusion packaging

Let’s #SkinPranayam!

With time, skin needs a little more than the regular regimen to remain freshglowing, and youthful. This is where Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Daily Youth Regimen comes to the rescue – it is like pranayama for the skin.

I have got total three products in this amazing regime which are-

  • Kaya Youth Oxy Infusion face Wash
  • Kaya Youth Oxy Infusion Day Cream
  • Kaya Youth Oxy Infusion Face Wipes

My Experience With Kaya Youth Oxy Infusion Skin Care Range

Kaya Youth Oxy Infusion face Wash

kaya youth oxy infusion face pwash packaging 2

Price: INR 99 for 50 gm & INR 199 for 100 gm

When it comes to the art of face cleansing, I take it pretty seriously & having said that no matter how long you spend on your skin care regimen, a good face cleanser is key. And this Kaya Youth Oxy Infusion face wash certainly is a fabulous face wash.

face wash kaya

Packaging: This particular range comes in a beautiful White & Pink-Green color block packaging which is a love at first sight kinda moment. The regular tube of this cleanser is travel friendly too. I really like the flip open cap of the tube because I tend to loose the cap every now then 😀

kaya youth oxy infusion face wash pic

Product Color & Texture: Coming to the consistency of the cleanser, neither too runny not to thick & creamy white in color, just perfect to use in one go! The product doesn’t accumulate at the nose of the tube which is a relief because I certainly don’t appreciate the waxy feeling of it 🙂 I only take a pea size amount to clean my face.

kaya youth oxy infusion face wash swatch

The creamy nature of the cleanser lathers pretty well & cleanses my face thoroughly. I also tested this while removing makeup & it does remove mild makeup and if you double it up with your other cleanser it’ll give you squeaky clean and supple feel that we always wish for.

kaya youth oxy infusion face wash cap

So far I am really liking this cleanser, It is cost effective and does what it claims and most importantly, easily available online. Highly recommended!

Kaya Youth Oxy Infusion Day Cream

kaya youth oxy infusion day cream tip

Price: INR 149 for 20gm

Presenting‚ The New Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Day Cream․ It contains a micro-circulation complex that enhances oxygen supply to your skin‚ giving back the youthful glow of your 20s․

kaya youth oxy infusion day cream swatch

Packaging: It comes in a similar white tube packaging as the cleanser with color block detailing.

I really like the squeeze tube with a pointy nose to control the quantity of the product every time I take the product out.

kaya youth oxy infusion day cream description

Product Color & Texture: I really like the texture of this cream , perfectly creamy and not at all sticky. It spreads evenly & instantly adds a subtle glow to my face. It boosts the hydration of my delicate facial skin. It also corrects the dry patches around my mouth and nose area which is one of my biggest concern.

I really like the fresh & aromatic fragrance of this cream which lingers for long hours as you have just freshly applied on your face. It didn’t break me out and corrected the minor imperfection which I had since a while.

Above all, I would like to say, this is a phenomenal day cream which hydrates and protects the skin by boosting the collagen production. Big thumbs up from my side 🙂

Kaya Youth Oxy Infusion Face Wipes

kaya youth wipes

Presenting, The New Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face Wipe. It gently cleanses your skin while its micro-circulation complex enhances the supply of oxygen.

Price: INR 199 for 30 Wipes

kaya youth wipes sample

If, like most people, I dislike when my skin become sweaty & gunk spreads like nobody’s business these. Wipes come really handy & right up my alley. These wipes are made of soft tissues and has just the adequate amount of lotion, they are drenched in. The whole range has a highly refreshing and soothing fragrance. It cleanses off pretty well and doesn’t dry immediately if kept open for a while or so, unlike other wipes.

makeup removal with wipes

I use these wipes religiously especially during my makeup removal routine. It cleanses all the mild makeup in two swipes & works even better if I double it up with oil cleansing method.

makeup removal with kaya wipes

It doesn’t give any burning sensation because these are absolutely alcohol free which one should never ever put near to their skin.

I hope you find this review of useful enough to try this range of products! 🙂


  1. Kaafi tym k baad aapka blog aaya )
    Kaya ka kaafi accha results suna aur dekha hai, inka shampoo maine use kiya tha aur bitiya ne apna acne treatment kaya se hi liya tha
    Ye to ekdum new n acchi range dikh rahi hai, spl wipes to sabke bags me mil jayengey


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