Kylie Jenner No Make Up Makeup Look & More


Kylie Jenner No Make Up Makeup Look

If you ever wondered how Kylie Jenner would look without makeup, you got to see this post till the end. Well Kylie Jenner recently shared a selfie on the social networks which shows her without a speck of makeup. But if you closely analyze she is not even highlighting her look. She is merely posing with her Phone’s cover which looks awesome with those avocados.

kylie without makeup

The look she is carrying in her little black dress is making her look gorgeous. She has put no heavy makeup on her eyes for which she is known. She is a diva known for her killer looks but here she is having her eyes plain as the girl next door. There is only a shimmer visible on her lips which means a little dab of a pink gloss.

Her selfie with a calm title hello seems to be giving her message to the world for the inner peace she is in. She has nailed the look with her perfect fitted dress, her lips which give a hint of a glossy lip color but the perfect cheekbones cannot be missed. If she has got these cheekbones without any speck of makeup, she does not even need it there!

No-Makeup Makeup Look

This 18-year old beauty is for sure a real beauty. She has come to terms with her traits and knows how to look pretty at all times. I am not too sure what her schedule is because I cannot find a sign of tired eyes or a creased forehead but a serene calm face which is ready for a photograph anytime anywhere.

Kylie lip shades

If you do not know much about her, let me tell you. She is an American reality star known for her appearance in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Also she is elaborate on makeup and is known to be a glam doll. She launched her own line of cosmetics known as Kylie Cosmetics. Today she is also one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram. People just drool over her beauty and for her to appear without makeup is just too much! I mean she sure has guts to do that.


You would be amazed to see her lipsticks collection alone! She keeps them in a complete warehouse to maintain. She has recently launched a black color in her kit as per her fans demand.

Own Makeup Label

Well, nevertheless, one must admit that the girl who seems to be surrounded by makeup all the time, has surely taken people, specially her audience by surprise by appearing on Instagram with only a shimmered lips. The lip color by the way is quite appealing. Her flawless beauty sans makeup is also very alluring.

kylie jenner hair tattoo

Even her hair, her nails are not done with any artificial arrangements which means she decided to post herself as it is and this is something which makes her fans go crazy about her. She has done it all, from all bold colors to a black lipstick and now coming in front of her fans without a mascara, a kohl or a liner, which she is used to.

I am not sure if there is more coming from her in this fashion but I am sure impressed with Kylie Jenner and her way to express herself in front of her followers.


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