Kylie Jenner Weird Hairstyles And Colors


Kylie Jenner Weird Hairstyles And Colors

Kylie Jenner is an American reality television personality, socialite and model. Beside all these, she has a different identity. She is one of the most adventurous women when it comes to hair colouring and hair styling.  She likes to frequently switch up her hairstyle and off course her hair color. She can go from a short blue and black bob one day to long blonde extensions the next and again green and white cornrows on the day after.

So here are Kylie Jenner’s wildly different hairstyles that the world is clueless about!

Dark turquoise long extensions

There’s a special sale on my @bellamihair extensions. Go to They come in 11 different shades not just teal. That’s what she wrote as a caption with this picture on Instagram. Most of the times, she goes for piles of weird colored long extensions that do nothing but looks overboard on her.

The Birthday shorn locks

“So this happened yesterday,” she captioned the picture of herself holding her hair up so her freshly shorn locks were visible. What a fabulous Birthday gift to yourself!!

Granny grey

The then-17-year-old teen Instagrammed that she was missing the grey, Like seriously?

Go green


These lush green tresses are ironed straight and left out to fall over the shoulder showing off the jagged cut edges.

Dreadlocks with grey highlights


She is a huge fan of these intentionally matted and sculpted ropes of hair. She went for long dreadlocks and the white highlights that were peeping through added more

Short and light teal bob

The color of Kylie’s hair is ultra modern and has a sci-fi feel to it. Soft, pastel blue-green tone.

Short blue hair with bans

Bangs happens to be her ultimate favourite. This time she went for shoulder length hair with sharp front bangs. Don’t miss the deep blue hair color.

Icy blue with roots

blue with roots HAIR

After light teal it was time for icy blue. She and her choice of hair colors.

Cornrows with white highlights

Kylie Jenner goes for a trendy head-turning look here with her cornrows and white highlights.

Mint green


The long, soft mint green hair is another fun color she went for this year.

Medium tangerine with blunt bangs

tangerine with blunt HAIR

She loves to go extreme with her looks. Now after all the shades of blue, green, it is time for tangerine. The blunt bangs added some more edge to the look.

Long and platinum blondes

kylie platinum blonde

Another absolutely weird look on her. All whitey whitey white. White faux fur top, platinum blonde hair color and white-silvery eyes. I mean, why?

Short pale pink hair

She went for this pale pink color after her experiment with honey blonde hair.

Turquoise on short hair

One of the very few looks I like on this lady. These bold turquoise streaks in the bottom two-thirds of her straight long bob are just perfect for a music event that she attended flaunting it. A little bit edgy, but so much fun.

Long and bright turquoise

Weirdness at its heights. Just no words. Who’ll look at your dress and makeup when you have bright turquoise beachy waves to snatch the limelight?

You love the looks, or loathe them, there is one thing you have to agree with, she has guts. Being a celebrity isn’t easy. She knows she will be scrutinized every second. Yet she flaunts her hair however she likes.

Which of these you find the most weird?

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