L’occitane En Provence Gel Douche Shower Gel Review


 L’occitane En Provence Gel Douche Shower Gel Review

Hi beauties 🙂

 I previously reviewed L’occitane’s Hair conditioner, so wanted to introduce you all with another product from L’occitane’s Aromachologie range that I have, which is Shower Gel With Essential Oils.

About L’occitane Aromachologie Range :-

The infinite powers of essential oils offer countless benefits to the body and mind. From plants grown in the Mediterranean region, L’OCCITANE essential oils are extracted through the processes of steam distillation or by expression (cold pressing process for citrus fruit). Both processes are done naturally, without any chemical additives.


 Thanks to the blend of mint, pine and rosemary essential oils, this shower gel’s revitalizing properties act like a tonic to stimulate the body and mind. It moisturizes* the skin leaving it feeling pleasantly refreshed.

*upper layer of the skin.

Packaging : The shower gel comes in a robust plastic body. The label has all the details such as ingredients etc, and on the bottom mentions its manufacturing and expiry date. The bottle has a silver colored screw top cover, with small flip top on the crest. On the bottom of the bottle, L’occitane is engraved.


L’occitane Shower Gel Ingredients :-


  •  Mint oil : Fragrance wise mint oil is purifying and stimulating to the conscious mind. Mint ofcourse has other various uses.
  • Pine oil : The health benefits of pine essential oil are attributed to its antibacterial, analgesic, diuretic, energizing, antiseptic, and aromatic properties. Its used in skin care, Cosmetics, to increase metabolism, to reduce pain and inflammations, for removing Stress disorders, for curing infections, injuries and curing respiratory problems.
  • Rosemary oil : Rosemary is one of the top oils when it comes to aromatherapy benefits. Whether it’s congestion, a cold, a sore throat or asthma, rosemary essential oil goes a long way to clearing up these problems. Aside from the healing benefits of rosemary aromatherapy, this oil makes a room smell great when used. you can also smooth out wrinkles, reduce fine lines, clear up acne, and minimize the ugliness of varicose veins and broken capillaries. Those suffering from headaches and migraines have found that rosemary essential oil works wonders for reducing the pain. Going further, rosemary also extends to aid with other pain-related problems like sore muscles, arthritis and rheumatism. Some students who have a solid knowledge of rosemary oil use it to improve their mental concentration and potentially boost test scores 😀

The shower gel is pretty clear transparent liquid.. here’s the swatch :-


The gel, I feel it doesn’t lathers much even when used with loofah (its entirely my personal view regarding the lather) 😛 , but it just leaves my skin clean and moisturized, and by moisturized I don’t mean greasy. The fragrance is just too good, its sort of minty citrusy fragrance, which I like a lot :inlove: The fragrance is noticeable for good 2hours, and after it fades mildly. I like the fact that all those good and natural elements make my senses livelier.

  •  Price : Rs. 1,095/-
  • Quantity : 250ml

 Will I recommend ? Umm, its upto you to decide whether to give it a shot or not, because I’ve been using the small packs, and I’m loving these luxurious products 😀 Although if asked, I might not buy such expensive products. It’s a very good product which makes you feel and smell good, leaves skin healthy, soft, smooth and moisturized.

Godbless !!

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  1. me too skip..i dont feel i have taken bath until my soap or shower gel doesnt lather much 😛 nice review upsi :-)) kash mereko koi gift kare 😉

    • lancy u defo need a moisturizer for winters, and u have lots more variations available for dry skins available wid l’occitane :giggle: as Emm told there’s one with almond oil, and there’s one wid olive oil too 🙂 u need to check its website :dance:

  2. U know whats funny: In my office we have foam handwash (you dont have to rub it to get foam..it dispenses proper foam) and I still feel that my hands arent properly washed!! :laugh:
    its just how used to we get..that we have to get a liquid that should turn into foam to feel that now we are clean :laugh:


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