L’oreal Hair Spa Nourishing Cream Bath – Review


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L’oreal claims: For dry, damaged hair.


Sensory system 2:


Continue your personal Hair Spa experience with this sensory massage service after the sensory System 1 shampoo. The nourishing formula is a based on purified water, a cationic agent and conditioning silicone. The hair gains manageability and softness, for healthy-looking hair with beautiful shine.


How To Use L’oreal Hair Spa Nourishing Cream


Mix 1 scoop of the Nourishing Creambath, with 1 vial of the selected scalp concentrate, using the spatula provided. Post shampoo and towel drying, apply the mix with a brush, onto the scalp only. Next, take another scoop of creambath only and work it into the mid-lengths and ends of the hair with your fingers. Comb through the entire length of the hair, before proceeding with the Hair Spa massage. Post massage, steam or wrap the head in a hot towel. Leave for 10 minutes. Emulsify the hair with lukewarm water. Towel-dry and finish treatment with the Energizing Scalp Lotion.


Loreal Hair Spa Nourishing Cream Bath – Review

  • Ingredients: Water, Ceteryl Alcohol, Bhentrimonium chlorine, cetyl esters, amodimethicone, methylparaben, trideceth-12, chlorhexidine dihydrochloride, hexyl cinnamal, benzyl salicylate, linalool, cetrimonium chloride, butylphenyl methylpropional, perfume.
  • Price: Rs. 525 for 500 ml tub(Use within 30 mnths from date of manufacture.)


Loreal Hair Spa Nourishing Cream Bath Review


What I liked about L’oreal Hair Spa Nourishing Cream


  1. This is the product I turn to when my hair needs deep conditioning. After a trip out where my hair has been exposed to the elements (sun, wind) or even after a rough week – this wonderful product smoothens & softens my hair like nothing else. My hair stylist had recommended the use of this product once a week as my hair was damaged when I saw him simply due to neglect (using this horrid Nyle shampoo & no conditioner)
  2. It is very economical. I have been using this since the last 2 &1/2 years – once a week & have barely used half. You only need a little bit to coat your hair.
  3. I generally use this post shampoo & not in the way recommended generally.  I apply this to damp hair below the nape (never apply this to the scalp – it will make your hair oily within a day or two) & leave it on for an hour (when I have the time on a holiday) or else just 10 minutes during the week. Then I rinse it off like normal conditioner. I guess if you have a day off you could try the method given above. I generally avoid massaging my hair when it is damp – it seems to cause frizziness & breakage
  4. It smells really nice.


What I don’t like about L’oreal Hair Spa Nourishing Cream Bath


  1. It’s full of chemicals. Who knew my dry damaged hair was lacking some nourishing chemicals to help it heal 😛

Would I recommend: Yes! For those of you who have chemically treated or dry, brittle hair – this is perfect to do some serious at-home deep conditioning in between your spa trips.


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  1. Hey Tanz 🙂 when i got my hair remonded i use to go for these hair spa in L’oreal saloon..they us shampoo my hair and then use this product..keep it for an hour and use to give some steam and after washing blow dry my hair…i was charged Rs 1100 per sitting so i once noted down this and got it myself..this is one of the best hair moisturizing mask i have tried till date.

    • My hair stylist Rakesh had asked me use it once a week 2 & 1/2 yrs ago.. I had very damaged hair then due to absolute negelct – very frizzy. Then after I got my hair relaxed in April my new stylist also recommended this very product. He told me to either go to the L’oreal spa or buy this & use it at home.. it is an excellent product for rebonded hair 😀

      Btw, am so excited.. my first review for Wiseshe :tap-dance:

      • Tans, I have very curly hair and hav dabbled with the idea of straightening since a long time but since I have very weak hair I stay away from chemicals…Is relaxing a diff process or any safer?

        • Relaxing is the same as straightening, it is also known as rebonding. My hair is frizzy so relaxing sufficed for it – whether it will do for you is an answer only a stylist can give you.

          Relaxing involves chemicals, you need to ensure you hire an absolute professional. I have personally not seen any damage to my hair, but I think u shd talk to a professional Zara for these queries :).. the answer depends a lot on your hair quality & texture.

    • I saw a lot of designers, and some makeup artists like kapil bhalla & cory walia – I spoke to him later.. he is so friendly & down to earth. He chats with you like you are some old long, lost friend 😀

      The only celeb I saw & spoke to was Kareena!! :tap-dance: She was looking like a million bucks Anks – so gorg.. I am :inlove: I got to ask her a question on makeup & that was fun 😀

      I left before the Manish Malhotra show, although I had passes. It supposed to start at 9ish, but some organizers told me that it won’t start before 10:30 at the least. I wld have seen some more celebs had I stayed back 🙂

        • I asked her a question in the Q&A round.. so there were lots of people there. It wasn’t like a conversation in private so even if she has attitude, she’s not gonna be rude with me in public na. She was very nice actually & witty also. I asked a googly question on makeup & she handled it pretty well 😀 I’ll post about it today evening.

          I found her very cute, she is not at all size 0 or gangly like models – she is built like a punju girl – she is slim but not unhealthy. I was amazed when I saw her, I never expected her to be that beautiful tbh,.. I cldn’t stop staring it her :chic: I was always very fond of her 😀

          • actually i dont like the way she thinks too high of her self..in karen johar show she was showing so much of attitude but none the less she is one of the most beautiful woman around. her skin , her sense of dressing and her makeup every thing is gr8 .

            • Same here..m not too fond of her..but her sense of style is very chic and something most of gals wud wana hav…

              Cnt wait to read the post Tans 🙂

      • 🙁 I’m having trouble categorizing my hair lately..since this summer my hair seems very dry n rukha0sukha types but if I dont wash them daily it gets oily…m so puzzled at my hair…wot on earth canm i assume? oily or dry! mind boggling!!

        • I have generally seen that hair shows such weird symptoms when you are using either too harsh a shampoo or a conditioner that is not good enough. The harshness of the shampoo maybe drying out your hair & then causing the scalp to go into overdrive with oil prodn. Just like it happens when you use a harsh face wash. :-/

  2. My experience with this started exactly like Ana’s..I was recommended this treatment by my stylist and I used to get it done every month…and just fell in love. And yeah it used to cost me 1200 odd rupees…those days, it was a very secret secret thing and parlours never sold it. But after almost a year, I saw it in Delhi and immediately got it…LOve the way it transforms my hair

      • Even I love this Poornima! It is like a saviour for our city & pollution stressed hair 😀

        I have found that it is better to get things like facials & all done at home. I still remember I had gone to some salon last yr and she charged me some 300-400 bucks for a simple clean-up and all she used were some cheap, unknown brands. I thght I have so much better stuff at home, why pay so much for dubious quality stuff na! :nono:

        • local saloons are so into these tactis..they will try to hide their products and the high end saloon will charge a bomb .:duh:

    • Yea, I guess you can Swati, only don’t use this more than once a week or else it might start weighing down your hair or even give you dandruff. This is quite thick.

  3. Hi Akshata, same here I am looking for Loreal Hair Spa cream which I had purchased earlier, now I unable to find it anywhere :-/ . Pls lemme know if any one have idea where this cream can be purchased.

  4. hi galz just went to vlcc for hair spa yesterday.it was gud but they sucked my 2000 rs.too costly and the other thing is that they used loreal hair spa products bcoz they dont have any such product of their own.i just saw the method of doing it and will do it myself at home now.just want to ask u all how much do they charge at loreal for hairspa and whats the cost of the entire kit and where can i get it in mumbai and one more question where can i get boar bristle brush in mumbai.sorry to ask so many questions

  5. Hey can i use the cream without the scalp concentrate??
    Wil the results be any different?
    Any different method to use it without the concentrate?? Plz reply asap

  6. hi, anybody knows where I can get this online. i have straightened my hair and now I have got hair fall problems..Going for hair spa is time and money consuming.. I am not getting products here..Please help me. I have searched in http://www.stylecraze.om also..but no use :sweat: :sweat:
    please help me!!!!!

  7. its too bad, none of the Salons sell in Bangalore… atleast I haven’t figured out one that does… help help!!! 🙂

  8. i have two questions, one where do i get the energizing lotion from. what is its exact name.

    also which vial should i use, i have dry and curly hair, but it is my hair ends that are dry, can i use the spa masque mixed with the vial products on my ends also.

  9. Well I had this hair spa treatment at home for the first time and it’s really amazing.I straightened my hair few months back using Loreal Xtenso .This cream gave a shiny and healthy look to the already pin straight hair.

  10. Hi Poornima,
    Please let me know where in Delhi you purchased Loreal hair spa products from.. I have been looking for it since long.

  11. Hi Anamika..
    Read all of ur post today…I got my hairs rebonded 1 month ago and went for loreal hair spa …It was just amazing…Can u pls help me out to find the product as it is not available anywere in NCR(gurgaon)..Do u hav any idea??? Pls help.. 🙂

  12. heya!!! i am actually a bit confused!! I wanted something out of loreal hair spa nourishing or smoothing cream bath bt i actually got vitalising cream bath at the store :-/
    so i wanted to noe whether it works the same and if i cn use dis instead of wt i wanted?? 😮


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