L’Oreal Paris Glamor Chic Travel palette Review & Swatches


I didn’t have any palette to start this journey down the make-up lane…give 3 months and I hoarded palettes from Christian Dior, Clinique, Sleek  apart from the must have 🙂 The latest addition being L’Oreal’s Glamor Chic Travel palette .. Show off?? You bet!!!
Yeah, so I was griping a lot about the lack of a palette in my collection and my aunt-n-uncle had to make this trip to Belgium. They were stopping off at Paris for a day and I told them I wanted a palette. They nodded wondering if I need the paint palette! I explained it was the makeup palette!! Heavens!!

I didn’t think much of it because between their departures to arrival. I’d ordered for the CD & Clinique palette at www.strawberrynet.com. When they came back, apart from the clothes, perfumes – they had bought this for me at the Paris airport!!

L'oreal glamour chic travel palette reviews

l'oreal color harmony glamour chic reviews (2)

This is how it looks on the inside

L’Oreal’s Glamor Chic Travel palette reviews4


l'oreal color harmony glamour chic swatches

Lip paints

L’Oreal’s lip palette

Lip Paint Swatches

l'oreal color harmony glamour chic swatches (2)

Eye Shadow

L'oreal color harmony palette & swatches


l;oreal eyeshadow palette swatches

The palette casing is contoured and not even! I think the design is so cute! Also, this is the perfect wedding palette I could ever ask for! Actually, I was quite skeptical about asking my aunt-n-uncle for a palette, because they have no clue about colors, blush, skin tone etc…unknowingly they picked a great one for me .

Now to specifics :

  • Price : between 70-90 GBP (this was a present, not sure)
  • Packaging : cute-sy. Technically, comes in a cardboard box, a metal like casing box with a flip top

Contents :

  • 5 eyeshadows + 1 brush
  • 4 lipsticks + 1 brush
  • 2 tone – blush + 1 brush

What I like about L’oreal Glamor Chic Travel Palette

  • Great colors
  • Contoured edge – giving it a different look
  • Suits my skin tone
  • Some shades are highly pigmented

What I did not like about L’oreal Paris Glamor Chic Travel Palette

  • I don’t know the full usage of this
  • Price – I’m sure it is 70 GBP tops

Will I buy it again?  Let me finish one first!! :D:D

A look at my other 2 palettes in Christian Dior or Clinique ?…which ones do you want me to try first?

eyeshadow palette swatches

christian dior eyeshadow palettes

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  1. Whoa… can we exchange relatives Vaish??? 😀 😀 😀
    I am loving the lip paints in the Loreal one!! Cant wait for you to review the other two 🙂

  2. The palette looks just too good Vaishnavi, your aunt-n-unce have picked up such a beautiful one without knowledge :yes: :yes:

    I love palletes..i find them more economical and you get soo many things at a go..hehe..the greedy me.. 🙂

  3. I did a mini haul today..so super duper happy.. :tap-dance:

    got dermicover concealor, palmer’s body lotion, faces matte creme lip creme, lakme invisible foundation, kryolan panstick and some random stuff…. :dance-leftright:

  4. Frieda Pinto looks so fake white x( loreal ka habit ban gya indian models ko extra fair photoshop krane ka! :bangbang: but palette seems to be nice haan! n lol at paint palette line 😛

  5. cool palette…i am loving the colors of the lip paints!

    CD first CD first CD first! :jittery: You should totally review the CD first!


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