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Pradnyaa asks,

Hey all!

Yesterday I bought L’Oreal Paris True Match Mineral Foundation. This is my first mineral make up. And just second
foundation as such. The first one I have used is Chambor wet and dry foundation, which I can apply comfortably like a compact powder. But this one is really tricky 🙁 just can’t get it right! I’ve been trying to get the application right but still it looks patchy on my face.
I think the product itself is good and gives a good finish but somehowI’m not able to apply it well with the brush that comes along with it.
Has any of you gals used it? Pls share if you have some tips to use this without looking patchy.



 L’Oreal Paris True Match Mineral Foundation Reviews

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  1. Hi Pradnyaa,

    Once you take considerable amount on the brush, please rub it on the edges of the container, till you see minimal powder comes out of the brush.
    To eyes it would seem that there is nothing on the brush, but there is, and then in circular motion apply it on your face.

    If we don’t rub the brush, to loose out that excess powder it looks patchy on the face and can’t be corrected except washing 🙁

    • I tried applying it in circular motion, but when I again dip the brush and apply in another place, that’s when it looks different.
      I’ll try taking minimum amount and see how it works.
      Thanks Divya!

  2. Hi Paddy, I also had this but gave it away since the shade wasn’t a true match to my skin 🙁 I remember the SA mentioning that the key to using this is to brush it on with a light hand…Dont use any force or else ur skin will luk a bit pastey..just dip a little and use it..dont try to put too much product on the brush so that a single dip will be sufficient…this mineral formula is very pigmented and if the brush collects more product than necessary then it wont work well..

    Also do make sure that they shade is the right one..Since htye have such a limited selection its hard t find the right match..None of the shades suited me but even then the SA made me buy one saying that it wud blend in :)) :)) i was able to use it properly but i used to look a bit pale…so i gave it away to a friend whom it actually suited 🙂 🙂

    • Wow luck friend 😀
      Which shade you had Zee? I have 01. they din’t have 2 at all! I donno if it was out of stock but the SA told me 2 is not there at all. I like the texture and the glow it gives to the skin. but i find that the shade is a bit light for me. .. I wonder if thats why it looks patchy 🙁 but you know on some lucky days if I get it right, it looks good, not like a face masque 😀 so may be the shade is OK..

      You r right, its so pigmented! Do you think the brush is alright for application ? I have no experience with various brushes so donno how it is. Would a better, fluffier brush help? Or is this one good enough and will be better with practice?

      :hypnotized: :sweat: 😮 🙄 :sarcasm: Oh Makeup!!!

  3. Hi Pradnyaa, Even I am facing same problem and stopped using it as its always look patchy or over done.
    I will try again using tip given by Divya. I hope it works :blush:

  4. I cant help, but I have to profess my love for Chambor dry and wet foundation. It was a great product all summers, though I am little skeptical for winters, lets see.

    • Hey Nirah, Isn’t it wonderful?!! I totally love it, and so easy to use!
      Though only after using Loreal I know what a light texture and ‘glow’ is, that these gals all the time talk about.
      You can try using your Chambor over a good moisturiser may be.

  5. Oh even I have it… had bought it looong time back and had spent some 800 odd-rupees on it… it has been my worst choice in make-up… it’s just been lying there… never had the heart to throw it as 800’s not cheap for me :pain:
    Just one suggestion, don’t use the brush attached on the dabba… use another good brush instead ‘coz atleast the dabba I bought, the brush was super-bad, very rough

  6. Thanks Zee and Divya! I can use it now, though need a bit more practice and patience in blending. Now I take minimum product on brush, almost invisible on the brush. And then apply in small circles in a place, then repeat it until I cover the whole face. Thanks gals! And thanks Ana for posting the query 🙂


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