L.A Colors 12 Color Eyeshadow in TRENDY and Bronzer Review & Swatches


 L.A Colors 12 Color Eyeshadow in TRENDY and Bronzer Review :-

L A Colors 12 Color eyeshadow in TRENDY review and swatches+make up reviews


I honestly didn’t knew that LA Colors is so famous on wiseshe and girls actually love their products until Ana and Zee asked me to review on the LA Colors 12 color eyeshadow and bronzer that I got. So I thought lets open my vanity and see if they are still in good condition to review. Well, I had 2 LA Color 12 color e/s squad. I finished one of it and I am on the second one currently. YES! Just imagine I love it so much that I already finished one squad. 😀 Actually I use them everyday for my office eye makeup as they are very wearable and stays for longer duration. I have been using them since like 2-3yrs now. I got this as a gift by my Aunt. She keeps loading me with wonderful gifts whenever she comes down from U.S. And lucky me gets to enjoy imported stuff 😀


L.A Colors 12 Color Eyeshadow in TRENDY and Bronzer Review & Swatches


L A Colors 12 Color eyeshadow in TRENDY

  • Product Description – Available in beautiful color coordinated combinations. Colors can be used individually for a subtle natural look or blended together for a more dramatic, intense look.
  • Price – I actually don’t know as it was a gift. But I saw this on cherryculture.com for $1.50 which I suppose is easy on pocket. This squad is a topseller at cherryculture. 😀 LA Colors are now even available on stylecraze J
  • Available colors are 8 – Modern, chic, Traditional, Glamorous, Diva, Urban, Trendy and Supernatural. (Check out cherryculture.com for details)


L.A Colors 12 Color Eyeshadow in TRENDY and Bronzer Swatches+elf eyeshadow


As you can see in the pictures they have slight shimmer which is not very prominent on eyelids and the pigmentation is sheer to medium, it is buildable as per your liking. This squad is perfect for that neutral look or for daily office wear. Its velvet smooth on eyes and not at all chalky. Very little fall out. I have been using it quite a few years now and totally adore this. My everyday make up wholly n soully includes all the color from this squad only from light to dark any shade of browns and neutral is present in this one and I don’t need to search for any other palette for any other color. All I do is use a good primer , than apply the most neutral shade from the palette so that it gives a flawless look and then I apply the browns and orange from this squad. The brush is ok ok. When I am in a hurry I use this brush otherwise I make use of my vega eye shadow applicator.


L.A Colors 12 Color Eyeshadow eye makeup+eye shadow tutorials+eye shadow set



This is how I wear it everyday to office. I have kept it sheer and simple as this is how I like it on me 🙂

I have used the yellow one inside corner of the eyes and orange at the outside corner and to give a neutral base first I have used the most lighter eyeshadow from the squad which is the top most 2nd shade to give a clear base and I prefer applying the neutral shade on both on the eyelids as well as on the undereye area  🙂


LA Colors Bronzer review and swatches+L.A Bronzer eyeshadow reviews


L.A Color bronzer eyehsadow review and swatches+best bronzer for face




If you have this you will surely enjoy this eyeshades and you have many colors to choose from. If you want to buy them you can find it on cherryculture.com 🙂

Moving on to LA Colors Bronzer….

LA Colors Bronzer

This might look dark in the pictures but it goes very sheer on the skin and I love to contour with this one as it doesn’t make me look dark or OTT. I also have a Jordana bronzer which is too dark for my liking and when I try to contour with that , it makes me look super dark. The shimmer in this bronzer is just perfect and not too gaudy at all. It looks lovely on the cheeks and works great as a highlighter. It will just bring out your features making it look even more attractive. I use this occasionally when I want to highlight my features and bring out that OOMPH factor 😉

  • Price – $2 at cherryculture.com
  • Product Description – Creates a tan glow. Enhance Face and Cheeks.


There is also a small cute mirror alongwith an eyeshadow applicator with a brown creamy eyeshadow and a glitter one too. I believe it is meant to be applied over the eyelids. I have never tried them till now, looking out for the right opportunity to wear them. 🙂


L.A Bronzer swatches+L.A bronzer+best bronzer for face


Yes, very sheer and doesn’t look made up on the skin, it gives you that perfect sun kissed look. The color is buildable and pigmentation is good and stays on for longer hours on your face. The best part about this is that it will suit all skin tones unlike few dark brown bronzers which wash out dusky beauties.

LA Colors is a very famous brand in US and one of the most pocket friendly brands with good quality products. Sadly, we don’t have brands like this here. But now you can easily get LA Colors products on stylecraze.com or cherryculture.com.


Have you tried any LA Colors product? What is your take on them? 🙂


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    • Yes..Nafi! not that i don have any other palette with neutral colors..but sumhow i always reach out to this one… :-))

  1. :rock-n-roll: my frn too has L.A color ka traditional palette 😛 its a neutral palette :nerd: we wan these hereee :waiting:

    • hehehee..U know how I finished dem ..Parul!
      Actually i used this for office wear everyday as well as in combo with other eyeshades for any other loook.
      Now u can imagine how much make up do i use..yessssssss a hell lot! I guess only while sleepin n only wen m home I m w/out make up otherwise always in make up. n the neutral shades in this palette is a necessity to form a clear base for my other dark e/s ..so i havta use dem anyway! 😀

      • Oh yaaa n sumtimes wen i try new eye make up at my place wen m too bored i used to use them.. n during college days i used to practice eye make up like everyday n hence they got OVER 😛

        this time wen my aunt will cum down i l tell her to get me all the 8 shades! 😉 :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll:

  2. This is such an amzing pallette n at such an awesome price Ric! 😀 will get one soon 😉 n i loved how u have applied it on ur eyes. I hv a similar 4 color quad from some unknown brand and it has a similar shade.i love how it looks on my eyes too 😉

    • Sumtimes unknown brands are so good to have na..Jyo! 😀

      Even i have few not famous brands but they are nice! however i can try such stunts only with eyeshadows not wiht lipsticks n blushes..too scared! 😛 :-))

      • I know. 😀 I dont buy stuff from unknown brands vaise but got this quad as a gift long time back but never used it untill recently. i absolutely love the texture of the eye shadows …They are so satiny n soft… :dance-left-right: hehe but we should be more careful abt products we are using on our eyes na 😛

        • Yea v shud ! 😛

          Hehehe waha pe pimples nai aate naa..so V tend to get ignorant..but now I got all the lovely pallettes from known brand and sum of them r imported stuff..so hardly left with unknown one’s except 1 or 2 old one wen i used to buy during college days n wat use to fit my pocket but now i can affford a freakin MAC 😛 So no more picking dem! 😛

  3. The moment I read LA I knew it had to be you ric!! We’ve discussed so much about this one! :yippee: and what loyalty! you’ve hit the pan! and pretty eye makeup!! :-*

  4. Ah finally!! I was waiting for this review.. But cudnt see d pics properly on my BB so had t wait till I returned home..

    Uv actually used p one of the palettes? M amazed and impressed girl!

  5. sexyyyyyyyyyy eyessssss ricccccccc 😉 :-* n d bronzer lukss so niceeeeeeeeee :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:


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