l occitane Cherry Blossom En Provence Review


 l occitane cherry blossom

 l occitane Cherry Blossom En Provence

l occitane cherry blossom ingredients+cherry blossom fragrance +l occitane cherry blossom perfume

A fresh and floral fragrance that celebrates the beauty of the cherry blossoms during the first days of spring.

  • Size: 50ml – 1.7 fl.oz
  • Price: $40.00

Cherry Blossom (Fleurs de Cerisier) eau de toilet was launched in spring of 2007.Cherry blossom is an evitable part of the spring South France landscape, so this perfume represents the scent of an early spring. Cherry note is accompanied by freesia, black currant, lily-of-the-valley, rose tree, amber and musk. It is available as 100 ml EDT, 10 gr solid perfume and additional body care line, as well as scented candles. (Taken from Fragantica website)

l occitane cherry blossom review+Cherry Blossom L’occitane En Provence

My experience with L’occitane Cherry Blossom En Provence

This was a part of the L’occitane goodies gifted to me from my mom’s friend living abroad.
Okay! I’m not much into the note sections of the perfume I even buy. I sniff it, take a stroll. If I like the scent, it fits into my age factor and it stays on me for a long time, I get it (Of course the budget factor exists :P).

  • I love how the perfume bottle looks.
  • I really like this perfume. It’s a light floral and very soft and fresh fragrance.
  • It does has hints of musk. Little flowers engraved on the bottle. It looks beautiful.

where to buy l occitane

This perfume has hints of cherry, lily and musk, If I must say. This fragrance is kind of a light floral. It’s very soft and fresh.
I have tried a few cherry blossom fragrances before too but they felt too girly. But this one isn’t.

This perfume has a good staying power. I sweat a lot and even the strong smelling fragrances don’t stay on me for more than 2 hours though they are perceivable to me, keeping me fresh. But I get headaches from those. I like soft and light fragrances. And, this one stays on me for a good amount of time. I applied it in morning and when I sniffed my arms in evening, it was still there. But the notes were slightly changed by then. It felt a little sophisticated to me at that time.

To put this perfume in my sis’s words, “This perfume is young but not that girly kind of”.
It’s an everyday perfume for springs and summer.

In short, this fragrance is very refreshing and light on the skin and has a good staying power.

God Bless You!:)

Have you tried L’occitane Cherry Blossom En pEefume?


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  1. pretty pics Heena..me want to try l’occitane perfumes..but have not heard too many good things about them..what’s yur opinion ?

    • Gm A 🙂

      Anamika, i hv tried nly some prodcts from L’occitane.. perfumes, shower gels n hand creams.. but d most i liked is their solid perfumes..my frnd has dm.. dey smell incredible :hypnotized: n stay too long 😀

      i always borrow frm her wn i hv 2 go out.. i like hers more 😛

  2. Oh I love d way this smells..I hav it too and I use it so rarely..its like my spl perfume 😉 u described dis so well ya….I cn never describe a perfume so well…makes me wana go use it 😉

  3. Nice review..Heena! loccitane nice name..sounds a treat to me.. i love perfumes! :yippee: :beauty: :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: :-))

  4. i love the smell…i have the solid perfume from this range… :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

    I always wanted to buy this EDT but then it didn’t stay on me for long and the SA said the solid one is the one with longest stay…….but I still want it


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