LA Girl Crème Lipstick Secret Admirer Review & Swatches


LA Girl Crème Lipstick in Secret Admirer

Hi All,

I picked this up a couple of months back from Cherry Culture (Thanks to A!) and chose this because I’d never tried this brand before and watched to check out whether it was really as good as made out to be.

Sadly enough it has turned out to be one of my misses rather than the hit I was anticipating, but this still does have some redeeming points which is why I wanted to review it for you.

la girl Lipstick secret admirer review and swatches

About LA Girl Crème Lipsticks:

Luxury Creme’ Lipstick delivers ultra rich colors in a lightweight formula. Its blend of moisturizing ingredients of aloe, shea butter & vitamin E enhances lips, leaving a smoother, healthier feel. Glides on effortlessly with the slant top, for a flawless even coverage.

Product Features:

  • Luxury Creme’ Lipstick delivers ultra rich colors in a lightweight formula.
  • All lipsticks apply on smooth for long wearing, rich, full coverage.
  • Lipsticks are sealed
  • All products from LA Girls are Animal Cruelty Free
  • Price: $4

secret admirer La Girl Luxury creme lipstick secret admirer

About LA Girl Crème Lipsticks in Secret Admirer:

  • Packaging: These lippies come in normal plastic wind-up tubes with the transparent lid which helps identify the shade easily. These tubes are sealed with plastic and is quite hygienic to use.
  • Color: This shade is a baby pink shade sans shimmer or gloss. It has blue undertones as well.
  • Texture: The lipstick is quite soft and creamy and glides quite easily. One doesn’t have to apply a lip balm underneath at all. At the same time the lipstick has a matte finish which is great for work. A moisturizing lipstick with a matte finish! That’s like something out of our dreams 🙂 🙂
  • Pigmentation & Coverage: These lipsticks are intensely pigmented.A single swipe is more than sufficient 🙂 It gives full coverage and would cover up and marks or discoloration on the lips. Although I would suggest that one apply only a single swipe or else it tends to settle into the lip lines.

secret  admirer LA girl lipstick reviews and swatches

  • Staying Power: The staying power isn’t at all impressive. It stays for not longer than 2hrs and fades sooner if you eat or drink. I don’t really mind this since I quite like reapplying lippies 🙂
  • Availability: These are available online on Cherry Culture or on their company site. On cherry culture you can bag these lippies for even $2- $3. this is great coz then you can pick multiple shades and try them out!

My Verdict:

I think I chose the wrong shade since shades with blue undertones just wash me out. I tend to look too pale and dull. However, I love the formula and the finish, hence I’d love to try this range again, but different shades.

What I like about LA Girl Crème Lipsticks in Secret Admirer: 

  • Awesome Formula which is super creamy and moisturizing
  • Convenient packaging
  • Not tested on Animals
  • Doesn’t have a strong or distinctive fragrance
  • An extremely economical brand.
  • It has a matte finish without being drying which is great for working girls and those with dry lips.
  • Doesn’t settle into the fine lines of the lips unless layered too much
  • Super pigmented
  • They have a huuge variety of shades in this range to choose from!

LA girl secret admirer swatches

LA Girl Crème Lipstick in Secret Admirer - Review, Swatches

What I don’t like about LA Girl Crème Lipsticks in Secret Admirer:

  • Contains Parabens.
  • Isn’t available locally.
  • Staying power should have been better
  • This is just a personal thing but I wish the shade had suited me.


  • Overall 4/5
  • Pigmentation: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Staying Power: 2/5
  • Availability: 3.5/5
  • Price vs. Value: 4/5
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      • washed me out so that finally i looked like some anemic husband use to jok,e for getting sick leave easily, you wear that to office…and another problem is i have very thick , large broad lips, so that most of the lippies won’t suit me..only lips will be seen in face :-* ..almost this smiley..but little more wide :duh: mostly i’ll apply only lip ice or tinted lip balms on lips

    • Tea rose washes u out?? ur sure?? thats such a warm shade and its one of those types I can just slap on without a doubt! 🙂

      m so disappointed with this shade Siri…wish id picked another sahde..

        • true…we learn thru mistakes only..but i wish these were more easily availabl eos i cud go n pick up more shades.. 🙂

          my lips?!??? i shud b saying this bout ur eyes! wot pretty peepers u have!

      • That colour is so pretty. In first picture it even looks like one of those pinkish brown nude, that I swear I will not buy anymore and conveniently forget.

        Everyone raves about Maybelline CS -warm me up. It makes me look pale. Also it dries my lips. Now I use it with Lipice to make it work.

        PS: Can you spot the trend here, me-maybelline. First’ nearly there’, now ‘warm me up’. I will wait for the day they call a lipstick ‘look ugly’ I ll will buy it. 😛

  1. Zara….Can u suggest one Nyx round lipstick shade that will suit dusky skin, I am finding so many shades in to decide…..

  2. It is a very firang kind of shade, too pasty white.. I don’t think this wld look nice by itself on any one. Too bad Zara, but u pick up so many gems when shopping online, I guess once in a while ho jata hai 🙂

    • exactly..pastey white is the term i was goin for!

      thats wot i keep telling myself …one or 2 such shades will always trickle in somehow..

  3. Hi Zara…good review! 😎 I need ur expert opinion on this…can you suggest a dupe shade like this available with Indian brands…i have been scourging but not able to get my hands on them…found a couple in YSL but too pricey for my budget…looking ahead with desperation for your response… 😕

  4. OMG..that shade is all kindsa wrong for indians…it looked much warmer in the tube na…

    But this range seems decent, so i might try some other shades!

  5. the lipstick is quite nice. just the shade was wrong for you. thanks for the review zara. i didnt even know about this brand 🙂

  6. Siri.. sorry for the late reply.. coral/bronzy orange, nude shades suit me.. my mahagony works well.. and do try pinks and mauves which are neither too dark or light.. it works well.. lipsticks with a blue undertone def will not work. warm colours work really well…

  7. when i saw the color in the tube i was like “oh wow!”. Then i saw the swatch n all hopes came crashin down :weep: Sooo not meant for indian skin tone. I can understand how u must b feelin zara.

  8. u do?? nice ya…i guess blue undertone shades must suit u…unfortunately it makes me lukso washed out 🙁 🙁 such a nice formula all gone! 🙁

  9. m honestly not sure who this wyd suit…but yes…i do feel bad that this turned out t b such a flop on me 🙁

    which peachy shades r ur favs?

    • i was such a disappointment..moreso coz the formula is so nice…if both the shade and the formula were kharab types i wud have chucked the full thing..but this was so worth it…if only the color was right… 🙂


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