La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil Review


La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil Review

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As all of you know facial oils are now talk of the town, every other person these days is incorporating some or other facial oil in their skincare regime. Many of the celebrities are also owing credits for their youthful, dewy glow and amazing skin health to regular usage of facial oils. Recently Huda Kattan posted a guide on her blog regarding types of facial oils and how facial oils are good for all skin types. So here I am sharing a review on a facial oil available in India and contains several exotic ingredients. So should you guys go for it? Or facial oils are overrated? Check my review to get your answers.

La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil texture

About La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil

A blend of 100% pure Almond & Jojoba Oil along with Turmeric extract and goodness of Saffron extract and strands! 100% Pure silver is added for its  anti bacterial properties on skin.

The Oil should be applied at Night all over the face & anywhere on the body as required. Leave it on at Night and wash off in the morning.

La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil Review

Some of the key actives which will help achieve the results are as follows:

Jojoba oil

It is a liquid wax extracted from the nut of an indigenous American shrub that goes by the scientific name Simmondsia chinensis!


It is considered a superfood due to the presence of a high amount of nutrients in it. It is the most nourishing nut available in the market and contains a wide range of vital elements like soluble and insoluble fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acid, omega-6 fatty acid, vitamin E, potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and so on.

La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil ingredients

Kasturi Terumeric:

It is a member of the genus Curcuma and thus has the botanical name Curcuma aromatic.This is a wild ginger which has rhizomes with a distinct aroma and color.

Pure Silver:

Before the invention of antibacterial soap, silver was used as a disinfectant. It is still most commonly used to kill bacteria. Silver is effective at both preventing and combating bacterial illnesses and infections because it does not corrode.

La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil

Price: Rs 1150 for 50 ml

Availability: It is available online and can be bought from the website

Packaging: La marinere facial oil comes in a plastic bottle with pump dispenser and a plastic cover to ensure no spillage. I really loved the packaging and I felt the facial oil looked really exotic, its amber colored with gel and oil like consistency. Texture was nothing similar to what you get in market. It has unique texture of something you get after mixing gel with oil. I loved the consistency; it was lightweight and does not give a heavy feeling. This amber colored product also contains saffron strands and silver foils in it. While dispensing product, I could see few foil particles too in it. This product has a beautiful fragrance of saffron and almonds. I was literally sold by it, so exotic.


La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil for skin

Efficacy: I have been using this product for more than a month and now I have formed a decent opinion about this product. I have in past used several carrier oils like olive, jojoba, avocado and grape seed oil for massaging my face. I have been eyeing Pixi and Farsali rose gold oils since few months. But due to exorbitant amount of these products, I was discouraged to get those.

La Marinere Premium Fairness facial oil

My Experience with La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil

So when Anamika wanted to know if I wanted to review this facial oil along with its day cream, I did not refuse. I checked its ingredients list and felt it was rich in natural ingredients which could be used on a regular basis.

Another fact is that brand sends samples of both the products in small tubs, so that one can first use those products and if it does not suit them, can return both the full sized products and get their money back. I finished the small tubs and have been using the full sized ones now.

Every night I use this oil before sleeping. I use it alone, sometimes mixed with my nigh cream and many a times I mix a drop or two into my massage cream and apply. I felt two drops are fine to cover your face and it gets absorbed easily leaving a soft sheen.

La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil application

It is lightweight and feels little gel like. It does not feel greasy but when after few days I applied little more quantity I felt the product did not get completely absorbed and gave me small zits the next day. So I would advise not to overdo and apply little quantity each time.

It makes my skin plumped up and little fine lines near my mouth and eyes look refined. My skin feels smooth and hydrated. It has yummy fragrance of saffron and almond oil and has turmeric, silver, jojoba and sweet almond oil as main ingredients.

After a month of usage, I can say it improves skin health but it does not lighten your skin tone and I am very happy with my skin tone, I do not advocate fairness. All I crave is even toned skin which looks radiant and glowing.

What I liked about La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil?

  • Pretty affordable for 50 ml product.
  • Lasts really long.
  • Rich in exotic ingredients life saffron, silver, almond and jojoba oil.
  • Makes my skin really smooth.
  • It is pretty lightweight.
  • Has a gel-oil kind consistency.
  • It made my skin brighter with regular usage.
  • Suitable for combination, normal and dry skin type.
  • My skin feels plumped up and hydrated.
  • Suitable for winters

What I did not like about La Marinere Premium Fairness Oil?

  • Not easily available.
  • I wish it had few oils like rose and orange essential oil in it.
  • Fairness claim is far-fetched.
  • It gives small zits when applied in more quantity.

Rating: 4/5

My Overall Recommendation: I would highly recommend you guys to try this facial oil and incorporate it in your skincare regime. If you check ingredients, you will find it has main two oils- sweet almond oil and jojoba oil present in Pixi rose gold oil and Farsali rose gold elixir. It is missing with rose oil and orange peel oil. I use it in multiple ways and also add rose and orange essential oil from Aroma magic. In this way you can create your own dupe of Pixi and farsali rose gold oil which cost like bomb.

Have you tried this facial oil before?



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