LA ROCHE-POSEY Anthelios XL SPF 50 + Fluid UVA + UVB Review


LA ROCHE-POSEY Anthelios XL SPF 50 + Fluid UVA + UVB

WHEN LRP started marketing their products in India I first picked their cleanser and still using and absolutely loving every face wash with it . Their sunscreens always made me curious and after endless reviews I picked the fluid version as I have combination to oily skin and every other sunscreen feels heavy after application or after few hrs of applications. I had high hopes with this and trust me it didn’t disappoint me.


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Size – 50 ML

Price – 1250 /- INR

Manufactured – MADE in FRANCE

Available at Authorized LRP counters in India and soon will be available at

My experience with LA ROCHE-POSEY Anthelios XL SPF 50 + Fluid UVA + UVB:

I have used Kiehl’s , Avene , Neutrogena sunscreens in past and find Neutrogena works really well in all climates but other 2 always makes my face greasy . I decided to pick this as it says “FLUID” and I wanted something very light weight and still with good SPF as I travel a lot and always need a high SPF sunscreen , even if not I feel SPF 50 is required considering how hot it is here .


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LRP SPF 50 + is runny liquid creamy milky yellow sunscreen which spreads easily on my skin and doesn’t leave any white cast. I don’t need an extra layer of moisturizer but I do use it on and off as even if my skin is oily it is dehydrated at times. IF you have dry skin I recommend you to put an extra layer of moisturizer beforehand.


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The cream feels effective for good 5 – 6 hrs and doesn’t melts easily and I can say that I do seat a lot but never seen this coming off on clothes or on tissue if I wipe off and this is the best part about it .

Ever since I started using it I felt my skin is looking more even out and oil free , if am using a foundation after this I give it a rest for 5 – 10 minutes so that it sinks in and my base stays nicely .


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The cream is very handy with small nozzle outlet to dispense the cream easily and I find this very good for travel. The ingredients list is listed at the back of box and you can easily read them (I’m not certified DOC so won’t be able to comment on that).


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For sunscreen I look for basic requirement – UVA + UVB and high SPF plus it should not leave my skin greasy and oily and this meets my expectations.

What I like about LA ROCHE-POSEY Anthelios XL SPF 50 + Fluid UVA + UVB:

  • The high protection it provides.
  • The texture is light weight and liquid.
  • The sunscreen sets well and doesn’t leave any greasy feeling.
  • The effectiveness stays for hrs and you can feel that as it doesn’t melt easily in extreme climatic conditions.
  • The bottle is handy to carry around.

What I don’t like about LA ROCHE-POSEY Anthelios XL SPF 50 + Fluid UVA + UVB:

  • It is not easily available across India and hence I wish they should make this available online ASAP.

Ratings – 5/5

Recommendations – If you have oily skin then this is a must have for you , it is light weight , sits well and gives high protection without giving any white cast or making my skin look greasy or oily after few hrs . It is an amazing sunscreen and works almost in all the climates – from PUNE to MUMBAI to JAIPUR, I have tried this everywhere and it excelled in performance every time.

Have you tried LA ROCHE-POSEY Anthelios XL SPF 50 + Fluid UVA + UVB ?

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