Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm Review


I haven’t heard of Labello lip balms until I came here to Saudi. I see them everywhere here, in mini markets, super markets and even in small shops.

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I’ve dry lips throughout the year no matter what season is. Labello was introduced to me by my husband. One fine day he got me Labello-strawberry when he returned from office after noticing my dry lips. I really liked its pigmentation and texture. I started to try other variants too..


Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm Review Details+what is lip balm


Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm Review Ingredients+lip ointment

Price: 9 SAR for 4.8 g (approximately Rs. 117)


My Experience with Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm:-

It comes in a cute and hygienic twist type packaging.


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When applied it gives a very light pink tint to the lips. It doesn’t make lips shiny or glossy but provides enough moisture to the lips. It acts a perfect base under my lipsticks especially during winters.

I don’t like to wear lipsticks (don’t have time too) or shiny lip balms just to go to shops nearby or meet my friend next door. It serves my purpose here. I step out just with this on my lips, kohl on my eyes and Revlon Touch & Glow powder on my face.


Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm Review Package+lip balm reviews


It is very much travel-friendly. I always have this in my hand bag. It stays for decent hours on me as it is not shiny or glossy.
It smells some kind of mild artificial scent of roses to me. But it doesn’t bother me much as it vanishes soon.
A single swipe is more than enough. If applied more, it tends to form an uneven layer on the lips.


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But I don’t think this can heal chapped lips nor does it claim so.


What I like about Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm:-


  • Claims to contain Jojoba oil and Rose extracts
  • Provides enough moisture
  • Does not make lips shiny
  • Acts as a good base beneath lipsticks
  • Affordable


What I don’t like about Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm:-


  • Artificial scent
  • Not available in India

My Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict:  If you are looking for a non shiny lip balm, then grab this. La bello lip balms are worth trying and are affordable too.

 Have you tried Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm ?


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  1. ohh have grown up using labello lip balms 😛 I love all of them and the ones in tube form too :yes: n yeah nivea n labello are from the same manufacturer I guess


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