Lacoste Eau De L.12.12 Vert Edt First Impressions



By Ayushi Jindal

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Lacoste Eau De L.12.12 Vert Edt Review/First Impressions

Perfumes are essentials for a lady but what would you do if somebody asks you to try a men’s fragrance? Well that’s what I had to do today, yes I did apply a men’s perfume on myself :-D. To be very honest I was really keen to smell this scent and find out if my guy is going to attract me after wearing this or not. Read on to know what I felt (*wink*)


Lacoste Eau De L.12.12 Vert Edt


Price: Around INR 3000-4000 (for the full sized product)

About Lacoste Eau De L.12.12 Vert Edt:

Refreshing and rejuvenating, this perfume from Lacoste is a catch! The long-lasting, scintillating fragrance will surely turn many heads around. You can also gift it to a dear one!

Packaging: I received the sample in a green colored card along with a little perfume tester bottle which sadly does not have a spray. The original product comes in a very classic and simple looking bottle which might not attract too many folks.


Eau De Lacoste ingredients


My Experience with Lacoste Eau De L.12.12 Vert Edt:

Trying on a men’s perfume I was keen to know what would attract me in a men’s fragrance. I must say I was impressed with how divine this thing smells. It is very fresh scent and you can feel that it is a blend of things that you find around in your environment (*not delhi’s pollution, duh*).

I don’t know what but it has something citrusy to open with and then it goes on a little woody may be because of the bamboo which also gives it the fresh feeling.


Eau De Lacoste


Overall I loved the combination of the woody and floral scents which is very intense indeed. I was thinking of giving it to my little (*but not so little*) brother and then when I applied it I thought of cheating a bit because nobody is going to know whether I am wearing a men’s perfume or not 😛 (*at least I think so :-/*). Sadly, it does not last long, fades away in one and half hour or so :-(.

What I like about Lacoste Eau De L.12.12 Vert Edt:

  • Great combination of woody and floral fragrances.
  • Smooth & light on the skin.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Non sticky.

What I Don’t Like about Lacoste Eau De L.12.12 Vert Edt:

  • Starts to fade after half an hour.
  • Reapplication is required regularly.

Do I recommend this Product? Gift your someone special this thing and I’m sure you’re definitely going to like it (*hihi*). It could be a nice gift for anyone who loves intense fragrances and would make a nice summer perfume.

Rating – 4/5

Have you tried Lacoste Eau De L.12.12 Vert Edt?

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