Lactic Acid And Its Importance In Skincare


Lactic Acid And Its Importance In Skincare

Not many a people are aware that lactic acid which is an important ingredient of our cleansers, moisturizers actually extracted from milk. Yes! You got it right, we have the source of lactic acid in ample at our homes and we are spending on these expensive cleansers which treat us with this lactic acid amongst other things!

We must, therefore know the importance of the lactic acid in our beauty and skin care. This way we can take care of the skin even better. How? Read on!

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Importance In Skincare

Lactic acid is a very rich source of protein and is actually also an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which is an acid derived from food safe for use on skin. It is very effective on skin covering all aspects of the skin where you need assistance. Be it ageing, or may be breakouts or acne or other signs of ageing like pores etc. This is also very effective on nourishing skin to have the proper moisturizing like it requires. I am sure most of you are aware that in ancient time women used to soak themselves in milk to have a beautiful skin. It is all the benefits of lactic acid that they used to garb on. Lactic acid is also known for providing softening effect to the skin. It does so by hydrating the skin and increasing the collagen production.

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The exfoliation effect of the lactic acid is also very effective. Since it is taken out of sour milk, it is very good to scrub the skin deeply. And in turn nourish it well to be shiny, smooth and soft. With acne and other things also at bay, your skin vouches for it to be used again and again.

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While we purchase even the best of brands and cosmetics trusting their names, we must ensure the lactic acid content is checked. This must be done especially for lotions, moisturizers and cleansers that directly touch your skin.

Side Effects

Now a question might arise in your mind that while I am telling that it is very important as an ingredient and is very usefully used in almost all products than why is it not used alone as an exfoliator or in any raw form. Right? Well because it is an acid after all and it actually moves your skin’s layer when you apply it. So, it is best applied in combination with other ingredients in the form of a cleanser or a moisturizer or any other product. So, when we say it has all the qualities and it is very good for the skin, at the same time, it makes your skin vulnerable to Ultra violet rays of the sun by removing its layer if applied raw.


Thus, though it can help you renew your skin, take care of acne and breakouts, help you rejuvenate your skin by softening it or by making it feel afresh, it has this fact attached that it is an acid and is taken from sour milk. So, we must ensure we use it in the right form and right product.

Knowing about the lactic acid is very informative and we must now ensure each product we use has the benefits that are extended by this natural ingredient. Hope you find this post useful. Do incorporate this and share your reviews.

Did you know about these benefits of lactic acid?

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