Lady Gaga Inspired Olive Green Eye Makeup Tutorial


Hii beauties 🙂

Aaah do you miss my celebrity inspired tutorial?? 😀 Please say yes 😛 I didn’t wanted to do rihanna this time, because I simply didn’t wanted to do her, I wanted to try someone as insane/adventurous  as her 😀 So this time I googled lady Gaga 😉 There are lots of lady gaga inspired tutorials round the blog/youtube, but I always try to do it my way and I take the pain of going through all the images on Google which might not have been done before! 😀 So this inspiration is still wearable (although her’s is a bit more messy and as usual too much for us mortals), and more like ours traditional smokey look, the dominating color being olive green and precise yet soft eye contouring using a brown e/s.

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So let’s start the tutorial 🙂

Step 1:- Prime lids and apply gel eyeliner

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I started off by applying a foundation stick and blended well, you can use udpp or any sticky e/s base. Then using a flat brush, pat only a little; read only little amount of black gel liner along the lashes and start pulling upwards. Pleaseeeeeeee…… don’t use excessive amount, as blending gel eyeliner can be a cumbersome task for many, therefore taking only a tiny amount is preferable. This needn’t to be neat, as we’ll cover it up later, but do pull it up, as far it can go.

smokey eye makeup tutorial+eye makeup+ olive green smoky eye make up

Step 2:- Apply olive green eye shadow.

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Then start packing olive e/s (you can check few olive green eyeshadows here) (take any green, or experiment with any color you want) over the lid and genuinely over the gel eyeliner. After that blend out the green using a clean blending brush (you can use any brush you have, just make sure you follow small circular motions). To neaten up the green’s edges, I used a soft pastel coral e/s over the crease.

lady gaga inspired olive green smokey eye makeup tutorial+eye makeup+ step by step eye makeup


tep 3:- Darken the crease and highlight

Then using a pointed fluffy brush I followed my crease area and marked the area till the very inner corner using a brown eye shadow. This technique really works well for smaller eyes, as you can create a wider eye space which will give an effect of big eyes, off course you need to put flesh/white kohl inside your eyes. Anyways blend the brown well. After that put some shimmery olive/lime/gold/yellow e/s from the inner corner and feather it upto the middle of the eyes. I used an e/s which is white but has yellow/purple/pink tones, you can use something like MAC Solar white, or even an e/s similar to your own lid color will do.

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eye makeup tutorial+eye makeup techniques+ olive green smoky eye make up

After that I lined my eyes (check out top 15 black eyeliners here), and did an Arabic style eyeliner, tightlined my eyes, and put lots of mascara 🙂

This is the final look, hope you like it 🙂

lady gaga inspired smokey eye makeup tutorial final look+smokey eye makeup tutorial +olive green smokey eye make up


  1. Lotus herbals 4-in-1 swift makeup (as a base, and it’s definitely good as an e/s base)
  2. Maybelline black gel eyeliner (as base)
  3. Coastal scents hot pots (olive, cameo)
  4. Olive green & white e/s (88 palette)
  5. Brown e/s from Deborah eyeshadow quad (so brown)
  6. MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
  7. Lashem double trouble Mascara

Godbless! 🙂  :-*

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    I’m awestruck by how effortlessly you do such AWESOME eye makeup :O 🙂
    Keep it going! 🙂
    I wish you could teach me!! And your makeup looks better than Lady Gaga’s 😀 🙂

  2. AWESOME UPASANA.. amazing!!!! how well u have done the inner corner of the eyes! Love it :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:

  3. So trueeeeeeeeeeee A…Such a wearable LADY GAGA version this is…

    Love yaa UPSI…. :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:
    Fantabulous work again..I love the blending and the use of colorsss……. :yes: :yes: :yes: :chic: :beauty: :drool: :inlove: :lipstick:

  4. Upsiiiiii….it’s GAWJUSSSS!!! :inlove: :inlove: N i agree…it’s 10 times better than Lady Gaga’s :-)) This wud lovely for a mehendi function also na?

    • thanku nafi :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: yes its apt for mehendi function and other such functions too 😀 if u aren’t comfy with the crease u can opt for a lighter brown e/s to blend the edges :beauty:

  5. your makeup again is much better than hers :hug-makeup:
    oh yes pls keep doing such tutorials..i really love them! and pls pls post some tips on how do you take such gorgeous pics of your eyes 🙂

    • aww thanku pari :hug-makeup: i just tried to make it wearable 😛 and i don’t follow anything particular to click pix dea 🙂 click and crop is the trick 😉

  6. ooooooh :wilt: …it looks soooo totally gonna try..u make it look so easy..i wish i could line my eyes as beautifully as u do …love it

  7. ive been practising with maybelline gel eyeliner with the brush provided but i can never make a thin line which is not the case with liquid eyeliners..could u recommend a good easy on the pocket eyeliner brush…im a total novice when it comes to brushes


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