Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipsticks Pink Category : What To Buy & What Not To Buy


Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipsticks Pink Category : What To Buy & What Not To Buy

Hello Everyone,

So today I am here with the serious started by Ritika on What To Buy & What Not To Buy for the Lakme Crease-Less Creme Lipsticks that I have tried. I have reviewed 14 lipsticks and all of them are a beautiful mix of subtle pink, peach and nude shades of lip color. So going but the easy way, I am dividing the lipsticks into three categories based on the respective shade family-

lakme 9 to 5 lip shades

The categories have been done on my personal experience and is not popularized by the brand in any way.

Pink Category

  • Fuchsia Field
  • Rosy Review
  • Rose Alert
  • Rose Line
  • Pink Pursuit

Nude Category

  • Salmon State
  • Mauve Progress
  • Mauve Spot
  • Latte Rules

Peach Category

  • Peach Path
  • Candy Commission
  • Pink Charge
  • Coral Case

Wine Order is a shade which doesn’t fits in any of the categories here so I will include it in the pink category itself!

About  Lakme Crease-Less Creme Lipsticks

Make an impeccable impact with a single stroke of confidence!

New Lakme 9to5 Crease-less lipstick has 20 work ready shades which are not only long lasting but also totally crease-less! Its ultra-creamy texture glides smoothly, and hides lines in one stroke. SPF 15, vitamin E, olive oil and jojoba oil keep your lips nourished and healthy all day long.

Price: INR 450 for 3.6g

Key Features

  • Hides Lines in Single Stroke
  • Glides Smoothly and Easily
  • Keeps Lips Nourished and Healthy All Day Long
  • SPF 15 Protection
  • Delivers Hi-color Payoff
  • 100% Crease Coverage

So, lets begin with the pink category first! 🙂

What To Buy

Fuchsia Field

lakme 9to5 creaseless lipstick swatch

A lovely hot fuchsia shade which is purely matte on the lips and is perfect for special occasions when you want to have a dash of bright pink hue on the pout and standout from the classic red lipsticks which is really a common sight these days.

Rosy Review


A must have shade and I would love to have it forever for the lovely soft pink color on the lips. The beautiful shimmers really look complimenting and tend to give a stunning dash of color.

Rose Alert

lakme 9to5 rose alert lip swatch

Rose Alert is another light pink hue which you can opt as the shade will suit all the skin tones perfectly. The best thing is that you can wear it at any time of the day and it gives the natural pink hint on the pout.

What Not To Buy

Rose Line

lakme 9to5 creaseless lipstick rose line swatch

Well, the shade is common and you can find this shade in many other brands as well, so not a point hoarding lipsticks which are not so unique.

Pink Pursuit

lakme 9to5 creaseless creme pink pursuit swatch

The shade is actually a nude shade but I have kept it in this category for the pink hue it has. This is another nude shade with pink undertones which you can find in other brands as well so happily skip it!

Lastly, I wanted to talk about the shade Wine Order as it was the deepest color in my haul. Well, the deep maroon shade with plum undertones is not so flattering and also looks good during the Fall season, so you may skip it for the Spring-Summer season for the time being! 🙂

Well, I hope you liked the concept and the must have shades from the Lakme Crease-Less Creme Lipsticks! Will be back soon with the other categories! 🙂

Have you tried  Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipsticks?

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