Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color Soaked Berries 09 Review, Swatch


Hey everyone!

Today I am going to share with you the beautiful berry shade from the Lakme Absolute Argan oil lip color collection.Some love berries only in winter and some beautiful ladies love to wear berry shades all year round.Keeping this in mind, Lakme Absolute Argan oil collection has a shade dedicated to berry as well.

I was never a fan of berry shades but now you will see me wearing couple of them ..I think berry shades makes one look pretty confident.

I am going to review the shade Soaked Berry – a name given to perfection. So scroll down!  🙂

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil lip color


Lakme has always been a revolutionary brand in coming up with different forms of lipstick textures – shimmer, sculpt, gloss addict and now this baby with “liquid gold” in it. Argan Oil, also known as Liquid gold is a well-known oil in beauty and fashion industry for its tremendous benefits on skin and hair. And when you get such benefits in a lip colour you know magic is going to happen. How can you resist a lip shade that gives high pigmentation as well as a nourished pout?  :heart:

There are 15 colours in Lakme Argan Oil lipsticks but I purchased only 10 . The colour range is simply awesome and you get something for each of the personalities and colours. 

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil lip color Soaked Berries 09



745 INR


3.4 gms ( A little less, according to me.  😐 )


The packaging is pure class. When you see it, you can really feel the liquid gold theme. The lipstick comes in a black cardboard packaging where every bit of information about the lipstick is written. The actual packaging is like metallic gold, ( symbolising liquid gold probably  :laugh: ) The packaging is really shiny and attractive and the shade name is written at the bottom of the lippie. One thing that I find really a con is the size of the font. The name is written in microscopic fonts and you really have to strain your eyes if you possess more than one lipstick from this range. One thing that I really like about the packaging is the fact that it clicks with a “click” sound which makes it really travel-friendly to carry around. Overall for me the packaging is a big yay!  :rock-n-roll:


Lakme Absolute Argan Oil lip color Soaked Berries 09 swatch


What do I feel about Lakme Absolute Argan Oil lipstick Soaked Berry:

Lakme has really improved on the naming front. From numbers to names and then to appropriate names – it has come a long way. Soaked berry is a perfect berry shade that we can find. This shade is just perfect for fair to medium skin tones if you want something dark and vampy for your complexion. For dusky and dark beauties, this shade might not be the most flattering but still, if you want, you can always give it a try as I have seen many deep skin beauties rocking the shade as well.


Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Swatch Soaked Berries 1


This beauty covers pigmentation of lips beautifully and so if you have heavily pigmented lips, I will suggest you try this baby out once.

The texture like all other shades of this brand is creamy matte that glides smoothly over lips. You don’t need a lip balm beneath these lippies which is a big yay!

Overall I find this shade a good one but definitely not one of my favourites!

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Swatch Soaked Berries 2


I will recommend this shade to all fair to medium skin girls and for those who love berry toned shades. For the rest, you can give it a try or can miss this as per your choice!

You can see the video here


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