LAKME Absolute Bi-Phased Make-up Remover Review


Lakme hit the nail on the head with their introduction of the Absolute Range.  Great products, competitive pricing and classy packaging make it worth a buy.  I hauled some stuff when I was in Lucknow courtsey my sister in law.  Again a little birthday treat.  I chose the Lakme absolute make-up remover because the one I had from Lancome was almost khalas.  You can read the review here.

Price:     INR 210/-
Quantity:  60 ml

It is important to remove your make up after a full day of wearing it.   Your pores need to breathe and you don’t want your skin to suck in the dust, dirt and grime lodged in your chemical laden cosmetics do you?   Ummm…if your answer is not then you should invest in a good make-up remover.  It breaks down and rinses away chemicals in make-up that your face-wash cannot keeping your skin clean and fresh

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LAKME absolute Bi-phased make-up remover+affordable make up remover


This dermatologically tested product is bi-phased, which means that is a unique formulation of oil & water.  The oil phase lifts the make-up from the skin and the water phase refreshes and conditions skin.  It comes in a cute blue colour gradient bottle with a pump dispenser.  It makes things so much simpler and hygenic.

To use it, you have to gently shake the bottle to activate the formula.  Spray a small amount on to a cotton pad, give it 3 to 4 sprays and gently sweep the cotton over the make-up toward the outer contours of your face.  Don’t go over the same spot more than twice.  If you feel you need more go ahead and spritz some more on a new cotton pad.  You can finish off by rinsing your face with warm water and finish with a good moisturizer.

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LAKME absolute Bi-phased make-up remover+bi phased make up remover
When you have to take off eye make up, close your eyes and leave the soaked cotton pad on your eye for a few seconds. I keep it for roughly 10 secs and then swipe off.  You can go over it once more that is it.  It works well.  Almost all of it comes off.  It is as good as Lancomes Bi Facil at less than quarter the price.

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LAKME absolute Bi-phased make-up remover+lakme products

They have a range for the face, eyes, lips and nails.The Make-up remover is part of their face range.  You can also find the following products in the Absolute Face Range and whole range has already been covered on Wise She 🙂

What I like about LAKME absolute Bi-phased make-up remover:

  • Good quality product from a well know reputed Indian brand
  • Very affordable
  • Takes off long-wear and water-proof makeup effortlessly
  • Delicate on the skin
  • Does not cause irritation to sensitive areas around the eyes or lips
  • Suitable for contact lense wearers
  • Rehydrates the skin
  • Works on a wide range of makeup
  • Breaks makeup chemicals and cleanses makeup from pores
  • Hygienic to use
  • Attractive packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Doesn’t cause any breakouts
  • Availiable in stores and online easily

What I don’t like about LAKME absolute Bi-phased make-up remover

  • Makes the skin little chip chip.  Oily residue remains

Have you tried LAKME absolute Bi-phased make-up remover?


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  1. chip chipa hai mera face…..the oilyness in the end is a bit of a bother….I tried the Body Shop Camomile Gentle eye make up remover….very satisfied with it…Has anyone tried it?

  2. i totally love this product…. i was considering revlon makeup remover as my HG before this came into my kitty..

    best ever packaging for a makeup remover… Shake, Spray & Swipe!!! 😀 :yes:

    abt oily/greasy feeling.. i think this is much better than the revlon one i used.. 🙂

  3. I use coconut oil to remove my make-up. Takes off even waterproof make-up. I don’t spend my money on all those make-up removing things.


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