Lakme Absolute Mousse Foundation VS Colorbar Flawless Finish Foundation


Lakme Absolute Mousse Foundation VS Colorbar Flawless Finish Foundation

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Lakme absolute mattreal mousse reviews+Lakme absolute collection reviews

I always love to pitch two popular brands against each other as both give tough competition to each other. There is always a cut-throat competition among the two and at last one wins with some extra brownie points. Lakme and Colorbar are two Indian yet international brands that are ruling the market right now. Both have their own pros and cons but what’s similar in both is their wide range of makeup products that are so well-suitable for Indian skin tones. Both are Indian brands and have their own loyal buyers. It will be a fun tussle I feel!

Mousse foundations are pretty famous these days and with summer approaching, this is the go-to product for many girls especially with oily skin. Mousse foundations have a kind of oil absorbing properties that help to give an even, matte look to the foundation. When Colorbar recently launched their Amino Mousse Foundation and Lakme Absolute had one, then why not see which one is better? So if you are interested to know who wins, keep on digging!

Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse shade

Colorbar Mousse Foundation VS Lakme Mousse Foundation


Colorbar and Lakme. 😛


Colorbar: 800 INR for 15 gms

Lakme: 550 INR for 25 gms


Colorbar: Colorbar has 8 shades in this range which have something for everyone. The shade ranges from fair to medium to dark and everyone has their shade.

Lakme: Lakme has to work on this matter and come up with good shades. It has only 3 shades in this range which is not at all appropriate for all Indian skin tones.


Colorbar: This mousse foundation comes in a gorgeous silver box outer packaging, just like all other Colorbar products. The product is housed in a small and slightly flat round tub which looks really cute. It is secured with a sleek metallic silver cap, in which you can see yourself. It has also an inner lid which keeps the product at its place.


Lakme: The packaging is really cute and classy! It has a silver/steel packaging which looks so artfully done. The lower compartment is grey in colour which looks very elegant. Love the packaging!


Colorbar: The texture is really creamy and blends like a dream on the skin. It makes the foundation application really easy and it gets into the skin giving a natural finish.

Lakme: The texture of this Lakme mousse foundation is a little slippery and is rubbery in a good sense. It gets blended in just a flick and I see no product on my skin after a while. The texture is really blendable and gives you look really natural.


Lakme Mousse Swatch-Lakme absolute mousse honey beige swatches

The consistency is really jelly-like and this is same for both. It gives a soft, smooth feeling on the skin which needs no tugging.

Colorbar Mousse Swatch-


Colorbar: Lasts for 7-8 hours

Lakme: 6-7 hours

Skin Types:

Both Colorbar and Lakme are for all skin types, specially normal-oily skin.


Both gives medium coverage on the skin and is apt for every skin type.

Which one to choose?

Frankly, I am confused about which one to choose. Both are certain at some aspects and differ at others. So I will give you the freedom to choose your favourite. For me, if my wallet permits I will buy both! 😛

That’s all. Hope you find this useful.


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