Lakme Absolute Shine Line Teal Review & Swatches


Lakme Absolute Shine Line Teal


Who doesn’t like eyeliners? Especially when they come in different colors to match our outfits and moods. I personally have a weakness for colored eyeliners, especially when they are in liquid form. They give the most precise lines which no gel eyeliner can give. When liquid eyeliners get better is when it comes in the shade blue. I love blue eyeliners. They make your eyes look attractive and pleasant. One such product which I absolutely adore is the “Lakme Absolute Shine Line-Teal”.


Lakme Absolute Shine Line Teal


About Lakme Absolute Shine Line:

Enhance your eyes with just a single stroke. This water-based formulation stabilized with unique thickeners delivers deep color and an intense pearl finish that lasts through the day. Comes with a long handle applicator to create smooth, defined lines.

• Intense shine
• One stroke color

Price: Rs. 300 for 4.5ml

My take on Lakme Absolute Shine Line Teal:

The liner comes in a see through cylindrical tube exposing the quantity and the color of the product. The cap is elongated and grey to which the applicator is attached. The applicator is a very slim brush with long bristles which gives the most precise and thin lines.


Lakme Absolute Shine Teal


The consistency of the product is just perfect. It is a little thicker than the regular liquid liners which I absolutely love but at the same time not too thick making it very easy for application. This consistency avoids spillage also controlling the liner from spreading once applied. It dries almost instantly when applied.

Coming to the shade, it is a low saturated bluish green shade (almost a cyan) without shimmers. Just one dip gives a clean swipe for the entire eye, hence no re dipping required. One stroke gives out the color beautifully giving an opaque matte finish. Topping it up with another coat makes it cakey causing it to crack within a few hours. This is probably due to the consistency.


Lakme Teal Absolute ShineLine swatch


The staying power is great. It lasts for almost 7-8 hours and does not come off when splashed with water. You require a makeup remover to take it off or just a good cleanser would suffice.


Lakme Teal Absolute ShineLine EOTD


What I like about Lakme Absolute Shine Line Teal:

  • It is very economical
  • Good quantity.
  • Beautiful shade.
  • Staying power is great.
  • Perfect consistency.
  • Very good for travel.

What I don’t like about Lakme Absolute Shine Line Teal:

  • Cracks when topped with another coat.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Final verdict: I think it is a great product which all of you will definitely love. I really like it and will definitely re purchase it. If not for the caking it is a great product by Lakme.

Have you tried Lakme Absolute Shine Line Teal ?

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