Lakme All Over Shimmer Gloss Review


By Prerna,
Being an oily, I always preferred matte looking face, But still I had an hidden wish of glowing bright skin, glowing cheeks. Many friends said me to use dewy finish foundations, but I wanted glowing cheeks without the loads of foundations, I wanted to look natural with no-makeup look! I searched the net, read lots of blogs and zero in MAC cream color base (in various skin color shades)which gives a natural sheen to the cheeks. It is pricy Rs 1000/- for 3.2gms, I was about to buy it but then Fantasy collection launched and the look of shimmer gloss kept a hold on me just because of its much lesser price.

Lakme All Over Shimmer Gloss Review

What the Lakme Product Claims:-

Trap the color of the rainbow on your skin. This techni color gloss lends shimmering highlights to any make-up. Scoop out a bit with your finger tips and smear it on your face for that silky finish and mystical glow. Love it?
Why not treat your legs, shoulders and arms to this magic potion.




Rs 325/- for 4.5gms, shell life is 2 years.

Available in only one shade, which perfectly

About the All over shimmer gloss


The All over shimmer gloss is packed in a cardboard box which is double the size of the actual gloss container. Initially when I saw the outer carton I guessed, quantity would be more but after opening the box I saw only half the size of it contains the gloss container!!

Lakme Fantasy Collection Shimmer Gloss Review

The gloss comes in a small and cute glass container with maroon colored lid. The size of the container would be a little bigger than 1 Rs coin!The thing which will definitely catch your attention is the shape of the rose at the bottom of the container as if the gloss is kept in a rose shaped mould 🙂

Shimmer Gloss Lakme

When you open the lid there is another transparent lid which is a double safety option so that you can carry it along with you without the fear of its leakage from the container.

Texture and Consistency of shimmer gloss

It is a smooth, creamy in consistency, with super fine microscopic shimmers. After applying it on the skin it gives a soft satiny gloss (just like a matte lip gloss gives glossy lips) without any visible shimmer.


Fragrance Have a nice vanilla essence. Yummy! :eat:

How to apply Lakme Shimmer Gloss

A very little product is required (say about a pin head size) for a soft dewy glow for the cheeks. Dot it all over the skin and blend it well. For arms and legs however a little more of the product will be required.

Lakme Shimmer Gloss Review Make up

My Experience with Lakme Shimmer Gloss:-

After using Lakme shimmer gloss I would say “it have fulfilled my long cherished dream of glowing dewy cheeks”


Lakme shimmer gloss swatches


Lakme Shimmer Gloss Under tube light

In Natural day light

Swatches of Lakme Shimmer Gloss


In any formal meets or parties, just add a bit of it in your foundation and u will get that dewy look :). Personally I apply foundations only in special occasions, and not that often.

Otherwise, I just dab a little compact to contour the oil on my face and rub a  pea size of Lakme shimmer gloss on top of cheeks as a highlighter, (with peach color blush), below brow bone and on bridge of the nose….believe me, it changes your look!

1st day when I applied it, I just forgot and slept with it, and guess what, I didn’t break me out (but it doesn’t mean u will become lazy like me and sleep without proper CTM routine!!)

I always used a pin dot size of the product, It never made my face oily or greasy, no stickiness too. But but but….we have to be very careful not to go overboard otherwise it can end u up looking an oil factory!!

What I liked about Lakme Shimmer Gloss

  1. Multi-purpose, can be used to highlight cheeks, for shiny arms, legs and shoulders.
  2. Price is affordable.
  3. Consistency is light so blends easily.
  4. Does not cause breakouts.
  5. If toped it with a matte blush, you can glow like a Barbie doll 😀
  6. It says “ad the color of rainbow to your cheeks” but it gives a natural transparent sheen, now the 7 colors of rainbow so don’t worry about being colorful 😛


What I did not like about Lakme Shimmer Gloss

  1. Cannot be used all over the face.
  2. Going overboard or using too much of the product will make you look like an oil factory!
  3. 4.5gms of product for whole body is very less, if you use it on your whole body it will finish off very soon..


Will I recommend it / re-purchase it

Specially to dry skin beauties I will recommend it strongly, recommend it to oily skin too if anyone like dewy look.

I will surely repurchase it for highlighting of my cheeks as I just love the lovely glow it gives to the cheeks without any visible shimmers.

Have you used Lakme shimmer gloss? Did you liked it?

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  1. this was the thing which i was looking for desperately..i am going to buy this for sure…Thank u Prerana 🙂

    u r a blessing :-*

  2. Prerana, nice review. I thought this was a dud from their collection but after reading your honest review, I think I can give it a try :yes:

  3. and this all over gloss is a blessing for me :dance:

    and u have skipped 2 more photos which i sent u – 1 clicked from the bottom to show the rose, and 2nd with the transparent lid under maroon lid…u chor 😛

  4. Oh! I was under the impression that the quantity was alot more! Thanks for the rupee coin comparison.. 🙂

    This looks really nice..Loved the fact that it dint break u out even after sleeping without CTM.. Thumbs up for this one!

    • y it should not be used all over the face can anyone tel me which cream can be used all over a face to get shine…..plz do reply fast

  5. I am a regular user of this product….
    It is the best cosmetic I can think of…
    Now I have finished using it….
    And I want to purchase it again…
    It seems out of stock..
    Help Me Please …


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