Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor Plum Review and Swatches


Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor Plum Review and Swatches

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Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor Plum Review and Swatches+3in1 product


Well this is my first product from Lakme.  I love opaque glosses and have 3 of them.  This one is from the Aquashine lipcolor collection.  Plumish colours are my favourite.    It is a 3-in-1 lip colour that has colour, gloss and conditioning agents all rolled into one fab product. I had seen the same products in their old un attractive colour co-ordinated tubes in the store and was not attracted them but this new black tube is reallyvery nice looking.  By the way I tried to get some plums for this review but only found peaches…well at least it’s still a fruit!

  • Price: INR 425.You can buy from here
  • Quantity:  2.55 ml

Other colours in this range also include:

  • wildberry
  • fig
  • plum
  • wine
  • orchid
  • truflle
  • gingernsap


Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor Plum Review and Swatches+conditioning gloss

About Lakme Aquashine Lipcolor Collection:

Glide color onto your lips like velvet. The super soft applicator gives your lips a shape like never before. Leaving you with the perfect smile. It’s a lipstick, Lip Balm and a Lip Gloss all in one.

Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor Plum Review and Swatches+plum gloss

The applicator is interesting.  I’ve always used glosses with a doe foot applicator and this spongy thing is relatively new for me.  It’s got holes/perforations on the top that allows for the gloss to come through. I had to do some jhakas twisting to get the colour out….I’ve tried to show it at its different stages of twisting :D.  Roughly 20 times before I could use it.  After bout winding it 10 times the gloss finally started to show.  The 18th time the colour started to come through.   Be careful when you twist ok…otherwise one big blob of colour will catch you unaware.  If that happens don’t panic.  Just leave it there and apply a bit to your lips with a lip brush and then keep it an upright position somewhere until you use it next.

Applying the colour is easy and although it’s got a fluid consistency, it could have been a little more fluid. I’d have liked that personally. It is non-sticky and I am so happy about that.  I am always conscious bout my lips when there is something on it and this feels nice and light.  It’s opaque and will cover pigmented lips in one go.  It’s kinda like lipstick in a way but with a glossy finish so it is like an all in one product.  Feels like plump lipstick with transparent gloss over.  It does not dry the lips and make them tight.  It’s moisturising enough.

Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor Plum Review and Swatches+opaque gloss


Above you can see the swatches without and with flash.   Nice colour nah?   The product is nicely fragranced.  I can’t really compare the old version to the new one because I haven’t tried the old version.  The gloss does not come off with ordinary soap.  You have to use a makeup remover if you want to get it all off.

Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor Plum Review and Swatches+lakme products


Along with this I bought a matching lip liner that I will review separately.  It matches perfectly and I have lined my lips with it in all the lip swatches. It’s my second Lakme product and a fab liner. LAKME perfect definition lipliner- #12 Blackcurrant. Got it for INR 185,  1.1gms.


What I like about Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor  Plum:-


  • NON STICKY the biggest pro for me
  • Opaque
  • No shimmer
  • The spongy applicator gives an even application
  • Moisturizing-ish
  • It’s nice for the evening
  • Lasts for a long time even after a meal (pro for many not for me)
  • Pigmented enough for pigmented lips
  • Fades evenly without settling into lip lines
  • It would suit those who are fair and dusky alike.
  • Classy sturdy packing

What I don’t like about Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor Plum :

  • It’s quite bright in the sun if it’s worn to it’s full capacity.  Can’t really wear it to the local baazar.
  • I wish it were a little more fluid and a little less pigmented then it would be perfecto for me at least.
  • Again lasts for too long  (con for me. Yes really, con for me)
  • I had to use that mac cleansing oil to get it all off. Didn’t come off with my Clarins cleanser 🙁
  • The twisting mechanism might be a little irritating for some.

I don’t think I will purchase another one from this range because this is the only colour I liked.  It’s a nice product to have. Go get one for yourself!

Have you tried Lakme Aqua Shine Lipcolor in Plum ?

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  1. I have this and this is one awesome plummish color. Chris have you tried the colors – wildberry, orchid and plum, they are all awesome … plum and orchid are wearable to bazaar.. 😀
    Good morning gals, nice review chris !!! :heart: ur lip swatches . !!!!!

    • I think I am drunk early morning. Chris has reviewed plum and i am asking her have you tried it .. Sheeesh !!
      i need specs now !!! :nerd:

    • Zee babe I suggest you try both plum and wildberry .. plum is a dark pinkish sister of orchid and wildberry is darker shade sister is orchid.
      But I am still wondering how Lotus will look on you !!! ?:-)

  2. The color looks lovely on u Chris :lipstick. This new black tube looks really nice :yes: But not sure why Lakme is changing the packaging of all their products. FIrst the fruit range underwent a makeover, then their sunscreen range, then the radiance range. Even the multi mineral compact has now an assymetrical n kinda plain packaging. Lakme already had pretty packaging n I don’t see the need for a makeover. I find it as an excuse to hike their prices :-/

  3. Thank you all….ya bought the product in the store. when u buy it they may give you the product in the old packaging. u have to ask for the new one…online u will get the old packing too i guess cause that is what they are showing…. BTW i had to do with peaches in my pictures cause I could not get PLUMS!!!

  4. I want Peaches now! Luved the gloss on u Chris! such a pretty shade! my first gloss was Chambor and it had the same packaging…


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