Lakme Clean Up Nourishing Glow Face Mask India Review


Lakme Clean Up Nourishing Glow Face Mask

Lakme has recently revamped some of their things, and one of their recent releases is this three-part skincare regime – the face wash, scrub and mask trio. Given the fact that I have a penchant for face masks, I decided to bring home the last, and this is my review of it.

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Ideally, I should not be talking about the mask before using it for 2 months (yes, this is dictated by many laws of skincare!) but I have been using this on and off for the last four weeks and I am ready to tell all about my experience.

About Lakme Clean Up Nourishing Glow Face Mask:-

 Give your face a salon makeover with Lakmé Clean Up Face Mask specially designed to soothe your skin post regular cleansing. While the nourishing nutrients restore your natural glow, the clay works towards removing excess oil. This face mask is your ultimate solution to a healthy, glowing skin.

  • Quantity: 50 gm.
  • Price: 99/-.You can buy online.

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My Take on Lakme Clean Up Nourishing Glow Face Mask:

I don’t think much of the packaging, truly. It was like Lakme took their Strawberry face wash and made it into scrub, gel face wash and mask. Its difficult to discern between the three, and one of the reasons I refrained from taking the scrub along with the mask was because I was absolutely sure my blind self would make mistakes between the two. The packaging however, is sturdy, and has a screw top cap. That is hygienic, but because the pack is opaque, I have no clue how much stuff is left in it.

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The pack in itself is white in color, and you must use it on wet face. I generally cleanse my face with my face wash of the day, then use this on me, and then go take a little nap for 15-20 minutes. The pack tingles slightly on application and it has a pleasant strawberry fragrance which I like. After the mask is mostly dry, I wash my face vigorously. Removal is slightly difficult, as this one refuses to get washed off easily, and needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

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I have to say, there are a few good things about this pack. First of all, it does not dry my skin, but removes excess oil. It also gives my face a nice, glowing appearance and evens out my skin tone. My skin looks smoother and it does not cause breakouts, which is a blessing. Another good thing is that it does not brighten or whiten the skin, but after using this I do feel my skin is nice and pampered to touch.

What I like about Lakme Clean Up Nourishing Glow Face Mask:

  • Travel-friendly
  • Hygienic
  • Nourishes skin
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Does not break me out
  • Gives it a temporary glow
  • Nice smell

What I don’t like about Lakme Clean Up Nourishing Glow Face Mask:

  • Boring packaging
  • Difficult to remove

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: Overall, I would say I will give this one its due, and maybe repurchase. Not bad, Lakme!

Have you tried Lakme Clean Up Nourishing Glow Face Mask?



  1. nice review poorna.. i didnt like that strawberry face wash.. it made my skin super dry.. :-X so i thought this wd b a dud too.. strange.. !!

  2. Nice one Poori. Lakme is usually good with packaging but off late their products look so blah :-/ A few images of fresh strawberries would have made all the difference….the main difference being that I would’ve grabbed it widout thinkin twice 😀

  3. Nice review!! Have to make a list of stuff I am gonna buy when I come there 🙂 Lakme not available here na 🙁 My Lakme SA was in shock when she came to know I was leaving.

    Hope she will be happy when I shop like crazy on my visit 🙂 He he.

    Wise she totally refreshes me with awesome reviews 🙂

  4. nice review Poorna :-)) , i was in double thoughts whether to try or not to try this range, but now i will give it a try 😀


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