Lakme Color Crush Nail Paints Photos & Swatches


Lakme has introduced new nail paints called as  Nail crush and for a change they are not mundane shades.Consistency of these nail paint is little thick  and cost Rs125 only.

Lakme has just numbered  them instead of naming them.


Lakme color crush nail paint swatches



Shade  – 25, 07, 23, 09

You can buy it from here 

Lakme color crush aNail paint  photos and swatches 25, 07, 23, 09


Shade -  14, 05, 15, 09


Lakme color crush Nail paint 14, 05, 15, 09


Shade No  – 24, 17, 20 and 10



Lakme color crush nail paint 24, 17, 20, 10


Shade  – 09


Lakme color crush nail paint white



Swatches of Lakme Color Crush Nail Paint shade  07, 17, 10 and 24 


Lately I am not getting time to take care of my nails so please pardon me for bad nail paint swatches.

Nail paint color crush swatches 27, 07,23, 09


Will you try Lakme Color crush nail paints?


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  1. The orange shade is beautiful… pinks can be easy to find but the right orange shade is way too difficult… really liked this one but find the price expensive for Lakme… usually their packaging is so bad that the cap comes off the applicator (brush).


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