Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick Shade 133 Review & Swatches


Wise She MAC  Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Entry(3) By Amritha

My Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipsticks in 133 and 134 priced at Rs.225/-

I had the opportunity to check out the fantasy collection from LAKME and I picked these lovely lippies  🙂 from the lot . Though I was never a big fan of Lakme Lipsticks due to their fragrance, one can’t but help notice how Lakme is finally stepping up to the competition from other brands in the same segment.


Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick Shade No 135 Review

I picked the shades 133 and 134. The interesting point here is that Lakme is finally printing the manufacturing date alongwith the shade no. I don’t remember seeing this happening prior to the launch of the satin lipsticks.

As the shade Lakme Satin lipstick 134 shade  has already been swatched am not going to repeat the same instead  I will just show Lipstick shade 133 here

It’s a light brown shade , no shimmer , just a smooth lovely  brown. The texture of the lipsticks is creamy  though it does not moisturize the lips. I actually like the way lipsticks have the brand name engraved on ‘em just adds that classy touch ,don’t  you just love that ……..:-)

Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick Shade 133 Review And Swatches

Here is the lipstick swatch the top one has been swiped thrice and the lower just a single swipe of color. It’s a pretty buildable  light shade though I wonder why the swatches have come out a lil darker. It can be worn during day or night depending on the rest of the outfit.

Lakme Fantasy Collection Lipstick Shade 133 Swatches And Swatches

Pros:-Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick Shade 133 :-


  • Love the Color absolutely lovely particularly for warm skin tones
  • Love the  Creamy  texture (might be a con for those in warmer weather)

Cons:-Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick Shade 133 :-

  • The fragrance
  • Mine has already started to melt 🙂

Now I picked up the Gypsy Palette and the 9 to 5 Make up Remover which have already been reviewed so did not speak about them. I got these from the Lifestyle Store in the Inorbit Mall , Hyderabad. There was an offer going on last week where if a purchase of 1500/- is made from Lakme then a gift voucher from  .The Lifestyle Store worth 200/- is given which can be redeemed for any item or product in the Lifestyle store. I was given a small brush kit also as a freebie from Lakme …… not bad huh.

This is my first review and well am struggling with the camera cause I normally don’t take pictures  with a camera, everything goes snap snap on my phone. Please do let me know what are the areas which need to be worked on and all views , comments are welcome 🙂

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  1. Goodmorning anoo, wow I wasn’t expecting this post so quick here… :-)) my pictures need a lot of work and no matter what I do with the camera..something always happens 🙂

  2. I think i am too use to of them Shalini 😛 Have been using them since long long time..I use to wear my mum Lakme lipstick as well 😛

  3. the colors very very pretty and wearable isnt it ??

    Amritha good to read your review hon 😀
    try taking pics in daylight 😀 😀
    and dont worry they r awesome

    :-* :-* :-* :-*

  4. The shade looks really nice :))

    And entry 3 already 😯 I thought only Prerana and Priti were in the war! Ok Amritha here I come :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller:

  5. hmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm I wanna win something for once hehehehe…naahhhhhhhh am gonna put up more entries :laugh: :rotfl:


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