Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick Shade As Blush +FOTD


While going through my stash today I picked up some Lakme products and applied some Lakme Pure rouge blusher. I like the pigmentation of the blush albeit its staying power is not that great. I opened Lakme Enrich satin lipstick Shade 134 and found both  their shades almost the same.

Lakme Pure rouge blush +Lakme satin enrich lipstick shade 134

Left  swatch is of Lakme enrich satin lipstick  and right is Lakme Pure rouge blusher ..Hmm not much of difference isn’t?.I watched LizaEldridge makeup video where she has shown 4 ways to use lipstick so thought of trying it out.

Lakme satin enrich lipstick 134 shades as blush

I used the same Lakme Enrich satin lipstick shade 134 as lipstick and as blush.I did use a bit of highlighter which I think got blended with the blush so using powder highlighter with a creamy lipstick is not a good idea. In my case result wasn’t bad.Lakme sating lipstick are creamy which is why they work nicely as blush too.

In the picture below I have used a bit extra so that it is easily visible in the picture 🙂 Key here is to first apply a tint of lipstick at the back of your hand and then smudge it a bit and with the help of your ring finger apply it on your cheek bone.

Lakme lipstick 134 as blush

So if you are craving for a cream blush which is difficult to find in a drug store brand then make use of your lipstick .Lipstick as a blush is best to blended by your finger and lasts for 6-7 hours easily and gives a natural glow.

Have you used lipstick as a blush?

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  1. very very nice shades…… both very much………….i love lakme always……ur looking very nice :laugh: :laugh:

  2. Nice shades..They r sooo similar..hihi

    Which liner have u used? I love ur eye look..really pretty// :beauty: :beauty:

  3. do a room tour kind of thing anu like the ones the youtube gurus do..comm`n show us ur stash darling..atleast mail me a pic 🙂 i m dying to c ur stuff

  4. anamika i heard sumwhr in a YT video that has sum amazing lipstick pans 🙂 check it out dear
    zara:almost all of them say that their vanity cases n all other storage item r either frm amazon or from stores lik walmart… 🙂

        • Yes ma’am…but wot about basic demand n supply rule? Loads ofppl will buy it over here..kuch sikhao unko…put IB into use and become the exporter.. :clap:

          • actually India is a price sensitive country ..people only like cheap products..remember the MC donald case study…they came and then revamped them selves with lowest price Burger..Lancome and Givenchy don work here and the reason is same.price sensitivity 😛

                  • well now we will have to do this only as Prachi is missing from here and i hope she is not kidnapped by the way 😐 as now many will be knowing of our mission 😛

                    • Ah! but they wont b able to use her expertise alone..some of our key ingredients are ur ankhiyon se goli maare and muggle flying car..without them it aint possible to have a decent robbery..

                    • i know lets ring out a poster where we are looking for a partner in crime..who has the same quality like Prachi 😛

  5. Hey A..have u changed the layout of the page? I mean the comments r coming thoda weirdly…Is the layout that ways or is it my system issue?

    • Hi Prerana..Gud Morning..

      U know when i saw this aticle first, i instantly thought of my Mom…during 2nd and 3rd sandard sport function or dance performances in school, she used to use her lipstick as blush on me…the blending was not gr8 though…i recall lukin like a clown..hehe..since then i always disregarded using lipstick this way..but after reading this, it makes me wana try it again.. :yes: :yes:

    • not much because there is hardly any product is lighter than foundation..and if u dab some powder blush over it then blush is going to stay for long long time..

  6. i am actually a student but quite a makeup addict,mom is always against the use of makeup…she feels that its for actresses and all…LOL :rotfl:

  7. that’s why i rely mostly on herbal stuff when it comes to skincare which is more safe.for makeup toh i use only kajal,eyeliner,compact and gloss.. 🙂

  8. besan,turmeric,chandan mixture is what i use to get rid of those ugly pimples and occasional tan..i also use a lot of aloevera to soothe my skin after a hot day :sweat:

  9. yeah..i started using alo after seeing ur review i kinda owe it to u for enlightening me abt this wonderfully therapeutic plant :yes: :yes:

  10. i gtg now.. :yawn: :yawn: …it was so nice to have a conversation with u..will catch ya later..buh byee …good nite :timeout: 🙂 :-))

  11. When i read the heading of the article, i remebered the days when our mom n teachers used to put lipsticks on our cheek for some function in school…. :silly: :silly:
    but you really made it the right way :shy: :shy:


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