Lakme eye artist pen review

 Lakme eye artist pen -As the name suggest it is a pen which to bring out the artist in you.You can create wings and structure your eyes with it.It is a unique kind of a tip which gives one a proper control and whenever one doesn’t have the time to dry up their eye liner then Lakme eye artist is a great pick .

Price– Rs 375 for 1.2ml

                                               The color of the eye liner is intense black

Eye liner on my eyes.I didn’t want my eyeliner to be too intense in this look and  therefore applied it with a light hand.

What I liked about the Lakme eye liner

  • No eye liner gave me so much of control which this pen did.
  • The color in the beginning was pretty intense but after month intensity reduced.May be because it is exactly like a pen so if you don’t keep our pen upside down they will loose their intensity.(Lesson learn t in school drawing classes and forgotten:D)
  • The staying power is pretty ok .
  • This eyeliner dries up in seconds.I some times don’t even wait a second and start using my mascara.
  •  When ever this pen is with me I really become an eye artist.Creating wings is so easy with this eye liner.
  • It’s a great product for those who are afraid of using liquid eye liner.
  • If one wants less intensity in the black shade it can be easily done.So basically it becomes an eyeliner which has possibility of light shade as well as dark shade too.
Some cons of the product
  • I find the product little expensive as the ink dries down soon.
  •  I have to be very very care full while using it because it inks my hands every now and then.
  •  It is a pen and I expected to go well with my water line buy it didn’t.
  • If you prefer very thin eye liners then I don’t think so it will work for you at least it didn’t worked for me when I tried applying thin eye liner on my eyes.
Lust it, love it or hate it?
I don’t lust the product but yes I love the product.All in all it is a great buy and it will suit my vanity case.
Worth a buy– I am sure every one will like to give this interesting product a try once.Isn’t?

Have you tried Lakme eye artist pen?

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  1. Gunjab even i feel that tip should have been more long have u been using the shade still intense and pigmented..mine has started smudging..

  2. Is it easy to take it off? I am askign this question cus I mess-up woth my eyleiners and mascara while applying it.. I don't mess it on my eyes but hands and they are really tough to take of when you're actually in hurry..<3

  3. yaa it is easy to take it off…I don't mess up with my eyeliners or mascara often but this one really mess my hands..may be because i take it too a sketch pen only…but how come u mess with eye liner that too on hand ??

  4. hiiiiiii! I hope you remember me specially since I've been gone sooooo long! I'm thinking of buying it but still not sure! Thanks for the review!

  5. I was happened to some how like this product, as am bit scared of liquid eyeliners.
    Liked this product for few days, but later the ink started drying of and disappointed me… about the quick dry of ink 🙁

    Atleast for the cost I expect my eyeliner should be used for 6months.. which i didn’t.

    Packing- It directly comes as pen sealed with plastic wrapper.
    Color- Dark & Light black, it depends on the way you apply.
    Cost- A bit expensive. I bought it from
    Smudge- No smudge
    Waterproof- Yes.
    Wearing- 5-6 hrs
    Durability- the ink dries up very quickly
    Ease- Very easy to apply, specially those who like their liner to create wings.
    Purchase for next time- May be


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