Lakme Eyeconic10-hour Kajal Review & Swatches


Lakme Eyeconic 10-hour Kajal Review

Hello people! Isn’t it a great thing when I excitedly mailed Ana to tell her of my haul for the upcoming festive seasons and the fact that I had bought BOTH the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and Mascara to check whether they were as good as… ahem… sorry, Lakme does not compete with other brands, even though they are RIDICULOUSLY good, are they? Sorry, let’s move on.

The first thing that I would like to say about this set is that Lakme possibly did not think of selling them for so cheap. Indeed, the Kajal actually has a separate tag on it with the words – Price: 199/- You can buy it from here

… as if the brand cannot believe it they are letting go of such a product at such a price. And all of its .35 gm. weight too! That is 0.8 gm. more than other brands, and hence the under-50 rupees price difference.

Ahem, sorry.

I stayed up half the night taking photos, and there are a few things about this review I would like to tell you guys how dedicated I am in the cause of beauty.

Actually, I might have just stayed awake because I wanted to see if the 10-hour claim was true or not.

Lakme Eyeconic Review

So, the first thing I liked about the Kajal and hated too, was the texture. The Kajal is VERY SMOOTH and glides on quite easily on my eyelids and waterline. I used it, and within three seconds found out that the first centimeter of the kajal broke off from the rest and came out of the tube (even though I took special care to work with the retractable top and did not bring out any more than necessary.

There are actually instructions on the back of the kajal about how to use it and I followed them implicitly. Guess what! It broke a bit.

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Review and Swatches

To remove it, the company suggests using the new Bi-Phased Kajal too. I was like… okay, so to remove the 199/- kajal I need to use a 210/- remover. Smooth, Lakme, very smooth.

Okay, sorry, digression.

Anyway, so here is the humble picture of the tip of the kajal. Its quite dark and it does go well on my waterline, not too much fuss.

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

I actually asked the SA to swatch this along with the aforementioned popular rival, and the results showed that this one was richer, with a darker hue of black.

Lakme Eyeconic10-hour Kajal Swatches:-

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Swatches

And now, for the eye-look, all of the pictures taken after one hour of application. Nothing else was applied on eyes to make sure the look was maintained. You do see that it has smudged a bit. But after 1 hour of wear, this is great for someone who has oily skin and thus most other stuff goes away.

Lakme Eyeconic10-hour Kajal on my eyes:-

Lakme Eyeconic Range

Flash. Tubelight.

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Review

Another view.

So, overall, lets skip most of other things and talk about the removal. I found this a bit of a b$%^& to remove, simply because the mascara and kajal did not go away after I used my normal cleanser (Votre). I had to REALLY put my muscle to get all of it out, and since I did not have the Bi-phase removal agent, it was not so great for my skin. The kajal sticks to my waterline for 3-4 hours easily, and 7-8 hours on my upper lash line. Though it is by no means 10-hour, and it does smudge a bit, and breaks, it is a good budget eyeliner stick, I have to say. I now wish they would bring out other colors in this range too. Its quite travel-friendly, so no problem carrying and touching up, though.

What I like about Lakme Eyeconic 10 Hour Kajal :-

  • Glides on easily
  • Travel-friendly
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Dark black shade
  • Stays on the waterline for 3-4 hours easily
  • Little smudging

What I do not like about Lakme Eyeconic 10 hour Kajal :-

  • Has to be removed with a remover
  • Breaks easily
  • Does not stay for 10-hours
  • Boring packaging (could have been more colorful, at least?)

Verdict: 3.5/5

 Have you tried Lakme Eyeconic 10 hour Kajal ?

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  1. Wow!, these. R already out in the market??. This does look like it olds true to its claim…don’t even come off easily!!

    Pls review the mascara soon..m itching to know if it’s good 🙂

  2. i shall better skip this.. i m totally loving faces long wear pencil in solid black.. & not even going back to colossal.. 😀

    i m too waiting for the mascara review!!! yay 😀

  3. can anyone please suggest me which kajal is the best…i have used the maybelline colossal kajal…now i want to try a different brand…how is the colorbar jet black kajal?

  4. nice review. This mite give a gud competition to maybelline colossal kajal

    Whether we like lakme products or not, they are the most recognized cosmetic brand in india..
    ppl who dont have an access to wide variety of brands use Lakme mostly !

  5. Wow that was fast!! 😯 Wasn’t even sure if these had hit stores yet n here’s a review already :yes: Nice one poori :-). Had high expectations for this since i really like the Lakme 9to5 retractable pencils. But umm…not too happy with the tip breaking episode :confused:

  6. I am just surprised that Lakme has dished out something a bit lighter on the pocket and that too, a good quality product. Even though I am longing for this one, since I just got my Faces pencil liner, I would put this one on hold and try out the mascara in the mean time may be?
    How did you like the mascara? please let me know asap

  7. guess wat? my sis went shopping yest and has got this one already, me wearing it to office. I expect it to deliver the promise, if not i’ll go back to my sweetheart .. Maybelline colossal !!!!
    Nice review gal !!! and very pretty eyes !!! :-))

  8. the review was really helpful thank u.. and can u also sugggest a rely dark black kajal in a higher price range with longer wearability..?? please.. 🙂


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