Lakme Fast & Fabulous Nail Color in Crimson Fire – Review & NOTD


Lakme Fast & Fabulous Nail Color in Crimson Fire – Review & NOTD

I was on the hunt for a nice bright red to serve as a background for my Ladybird nail art. I really liked the one that Upasana reviewed here . But I simply couldn’t find a Lotus makeup counter near my place. I tried the red nail enamels in Chambor, Maybelline, Streetwear etc. and then finally zeroed in on this.

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Lakme Fast and Fabulous Nail Color Crimson Fire

About Lakme Fast & Fabulous Nail Colors:-

Always in a hurry yet covet for the sexiest nail paints in town? Worry no more! Lakme’s ABSOLUTE Fast & Fabulous Nail Paint Collection follows the ‘Wet to Set in 40 seconds’ theme. All you need to do is pick any of these shades and flaunt it all the way. Trendy to sophisticated and elegant to naughty, pick a shade to suit the mood. Equipped with a unique flat brush, nail painting has never been easier.

  • Quantity: 10 ml
  • Price: INR 175
  • Shelf life: 3 years from mfg date
  • Packaging:I love the packaging! It looks really funky and cool. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle that is slim at the sides. The lid is made of plastic and is shimmery-steel in color. Since the lid is really wide, it requires a little extra effort if you want to flip it over and use the other side of the brush. But it’s just a matter of practice and is not  too inconvenient to use.

Lakme Fast and Fabulous Nail Color Crimson Fire Review

My Experience with Lakme Fast & Fabulous Nail Color In Crimson Fire:-

This shade is not for the faint-hearted! It’s a bright and I mean  B.R.I.G.H.T red. It’s not orange-based, or brown-based or blue-based. I do think it is pink-based mainly because it looks fuschia pink under certain lights. But in daylight, there is no hint of pink visible and it looks neon red. It has absolutely no shimmer and is the kind of shade that even teens would love to sport. It’s not a vampy red or seductive red. It’s more of a cute red or trendy red. I’m not even sure how many times I’ve used the word red in all those lines 😛 Anyways, true to its name it does deliver amazing color in just one stroke. Okay, maybe not a single stroke per se but I don’t think I’ve gone beyond a single coat. I usually apply a single, medium-heavy coat. It claims to dry in 40 seconds and frankly it dries much faster than that. By the time you-re done painting your nails, the first nail would have dried fairly well. Fast and fabulous it is indeed! The brush is flat and wider than most nail enamel brushes. It makes application a breeze and helps in getting the job done faster. But if you have really slim nails you may end up getting paint on the sides of your fingers. Application is even and it does not streak or bubble. The finish is glossy but not overly so. A single coat tends to chip after about 2 days. I personally feel this color looks good on short nails. I wore this once when I had long nails and I felt like Mrs. Dracula!! Nevertheless, it is a lovely color to wear on your toenails. When I wore it on my toes (at night) I could have sworn it was fuschia pink and not red. But in the daytime it looked more red.

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Lakme Fast and Fabulous Nail Color Review

Lakme Fast and Fabulous Nail Color

What I like about Lakme Fast&Fabulous Nail Color in Crimson Fire:

  • Attractive packaging
  • Wide, flat brush helps in speedy application
  • Applies evenly without streaking
  • Does not bubble
  • Single coat gives almost opaque coverage
  • Dries really fast
  • Very flattering and trendy color
  • Looks especially good on toenails
  • This range has an amazing selection of shades

What I don’t like about Lakme Fast&Fabulous Nail Color in Crimson Fire:

  • Start chipping in about 2 to 3 days
  • Some may not like the large handle of the brush. Takes a bit of time getting used to
  • Pricey considering it’s Lakme

Rating: 4.2/5

The Last word about Lakme Fast & Fabulous Nail Color In Crimson Fire:-

Frankly, I’m not the type who’ll ever wear red on my nails. It just doesn’t go with my personality 😛 But this color is really funky and changed my perception of red. Even if I don’t have the guts to wear this on my fingernails, I enjoy wearing this on my toes :cute: But if you are a true red lover, then you simply can’t give this a miss!

Lakme Fast and Fabulous Crimson Fire

Are you going to try Lakme Fast&Fabulous Nail Color in Crimson Fire?

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  1. i think i wud be now satisfied with my red np quest..i hv 3 red nps n i guess dis is gonna b my perfect red! thankoo Isa:D ..but ah yes! m faint hearted:p:D

  2. Wow nafi its such a Nice bright Red ……….. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
    its looking lovely on ur nails………… :hug-makeup:

  3. A, by faint hearted i meant i’m scared of horror movies:p .. I lov bryts but nt more dan nudes:D aur har ghar ki lagta hai red ko leke yahi kahaani hai..r ur parents ok wid u wearin red lippies?:p

  4. I have this, but I think it loses the finish in 2 days and looks like a cheap NP :(… And I feel bright colors look good on not very long nails only. Too long nails look like u r ready to rip apart someone’s heart!

    • Yea..that’s what i mentioned too shivi…totally agree that it looks better on short nails :-)) I felt like some vampire :devil:

  5. BRILLIANT PICK nafisa :yes: :yes: … this is the exact red i was looking for in so many brands.. i have RED nail colors but not as natural and pretty RED like this one… thank u my friend.


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