Lakme Fruit Blast Berry Lush Fruit Energizing Face Wash Review


Lakme Fruit Blast Face Wash

A face wash which smells delicious and doesn’t dry my skin and makes me feel refreshing. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Lakme Berry Lush Fruit Energizing Facewash Review

Feel juicy fruit extracts of strawberry and raspberry – re-energize your face with every wash. While the strawberry exfoliator seeds gently brush away impurities, raspberry & passion fruit extracts re-hydrate your skin – leaving it tingling fresh with the aroma of natural berries!

Squeeze a small amount into hands and work into a rich lather with a little water. Massage on wet face. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact rinse thoroughly with clear water.

Price of Lakme Fruit Blast Berry Lush Fruit Energizing Face Wash is Rs 70 for 50 gm and Rs 125 for 100gm

Lakme Berry Lush Face Wash Review

Look yummilicious isn’t ?? It has tiney-miney micro beeds which look so beautiful thought they don’t help in scrubbing or clearing off the pores but make the face look beautiful πŸ™‚

Lakme Berry Lush Face Wash Ingredients


*The face wash gives me a nice, fresh and tingling feeling and this is what I liked using especially after coming back from a super hot day from outside.

*It is decently priced and removes off dirt easily.

*I like its fragrance and like to use  it after removing makeup.

Lakme Fruit Blast Face Wash Review


*Dry skin may feel stretched out.

*If you are looking for exfoliation in your face wash then it hardly does the job.

Recommendation – If you like berry or strawberry fragrance, have oily skin and want to feel that freshness this summer then this one is for you.People with dry skin can skip this one and may want to look at  Citrus Rain Fruit Detox Face Wash.

Wise She Rating – 3.5/5

Note: The product was sent by company for consideration but it has not affected my review

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  1. Even i’m in love with the nice essence of strawberry! I just love Lakme’s Fruit moisture night cream with fresh strawberry flavor. I’m looking forward to try out this face wash too once i finish citrus rain.. :-* :-* :-* :-*


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