Lakme Fruit Blast Citrus Rain FruitDetox Face Wash Review And Price

Lakme Fruit Blast Citrus Blast Review

aaoon aaaon you making my skin glow , you making my chheeeks  blush aao aaao..:D:D
Didn’t you feel like trying all the yummy fruits on your face so that your skin starts  glowing like those hot models;)
Well Lakme Citrus rain claims to do that
Detox your skin from the effects of grime and pollution with this rich creamy Face Wash with citrus extracts of mandarin & anti-oxidant Vitamin C, leaving your skin feeling fresh and sparkling clean.

Price of Lakme Fruit Blast Citrus Rain Fruit Detox Face Wash is Rs 135 for 100gm

How to use:-
Squeeze a small amount into hands and work into a rich lather with a little water. Massage on wet face. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Ingredients :-
lakme fruit blast citrus rain swatches
Product  has Mandarin Extract which has similar properties like lemon, especially in its anti stress effect on the body.It is known to be sleep inducing .
Glycerin which imparts moisturization to the skin.

Sodium ascorbyl phosphate which is a sodium salt of a stable vitamin C derivative will be used in sunscreen preparations, skincare products.

lakme fruit blast citrus rain price
My experience with the product :-
Fragrance – It has a lemon and orange extract smell which is citric .If you have lemon tree in your home and love the smell of lemon tree leaves then this is some what similar to that.Veryyy tangy !!!!
Cleansing – Face wash is very creamy and probably this is the reason it doesn’t dry out my skin in winters too but ofcourse it is only for cleansing so one needs a moisturizer after using it.I love using it after removing my make up it makes me feel squeaky clean.
Pricing and Packaging – Decently priced and one can carry it easily while traveling.
Ingredients -  SLS or Parabeans free product  which makes me love it.
I have no dislike against this product only thing is that one should should be cautious and avoid eye contact with the product  which is little difficult for a person like me.
Recommendation – Will suit dry skin people through out the year and oily skin in winters I believe.
I enjoyed the product and hope you do too till than enjoy the song

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  1. Hey, nice review. I had bought this face wash I had told you – just fell for the packaging and I cant resist anything "orange/citrus". But you know what – it disappointed me. The fragrance seemed fake and plasticky to me. I guess I was comparing it with the body shop Vitamin C facewash, which also has an orang/citrusy smell and smells far more natural

  2. aaoon aaaon .. i have dry skin and it looks so yummy, i am gonna buy it when i will go on my mission "skincare shopping" aaoon aaaon.

  3. it is not natural because it has the fragrance …
    i havent tried vitamin c face wash of body shop..will try and let u know or i wil ask niharika to review if she has it…she is our body shop ambassador 😀

  4. Nice review Anamika. I really want to buy this, but my skin is sensitive. How do you think this will be for sensitive skin? Also, I've read that we're not supposed to use anything with citrus fruits (lemon/orange) on our skin before going out because the skin becomes more sensitive to the sun. What is your view on that?


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