Lakme Fruit Moisture Honey & Avocado Winter Perfect Day Cream Review


Lakme Moisturiser for dry skin Lakme Fruit Moisture Honey & Avocado Winter Perfect Day Cream Review

Lakme Fruit Moisture Honey & Avocado Winter Perfect Day Cream Review

Lakme has come up with a fruit moisture range this winter. Every body is going ga ga over it! No wonders, Lakme has really improved its quality this time. I have used Lakme fruit moisture night cream and Lakme Peach & plum daily glow moisturizer too, which succeeded to win my heart. So thought to try out honey and avocado this time before the winter passes off J. Well, I have not seen any over night wonder after using this cream nor it has ability to moisturize for 12 hours but, it is nicer than peach milk moisturizer what I feel. At the same time I found this is suitable only for normal skin and dry skin, It may make oily skin little greasy after few hours.

Lakme Fruit Moisture Honey & Avocado

  • What the Cream Claims Enjoy a perfect winter skin this winter, with new lakme fruit moisture honey and Avocado Winter perfect day cream with SPF 9. With extracts of honey and avocado, this creamy moisturizing cream provides moisture into your skin. Its quick absorption formula leaves no feeling of stickiness while the intense moisturizing cream provides comforting moisture even in the extreme winters, leaving your skin soft and wanting to be touches. (ahem..ahem..) With SPF 9, you can fully enjoy the winter sun.
  • Price Rs 150 for 50gms
  • Ingredients

Lakme Fruit Moisture Honey & Avocado Winter Perfect Day Cream review

  • My Experience with it I was very much impressed with fruit moisture kiwi, strawberry, passion fruit night cream, I just fell in love with it and also fell in love with Lakme all over again! 🙂
  • After finishing off Peach and plum daily glow moisturizer my curious mind forced me to bring home honey and avocado winter perfect day cream. I started using it every morning after waking up and washing my face thoroughly.
  • The texture of this cream is very light, spreads easily on skin and absorbs effortlessly. Has a nice mild fruity smell and if you apply it in large quantity also, it will not make u feel heavy coz your skin will absorb it all J wow! It didn’t made my skin (mine is oily skin) shiny but after one to one andhalf  hour, my face did started to become greasy! Moreover, the moisturization is not for 12hrs as it claims but it does stays for six seven hrs that is when I apply it after washing my face in the morning, it stays till 12pm or so, then again I have to reapply it..

Lakme Honey cream review


  1. Spreads on the skin easily and absorbs quickly.
  2. It moisturizes well for 6-7 hrs.
  3. Nice moisturizer for normal to dry skin.
  4. Can be applied makeup soon after applying this moisturizer.
  5. Didn’t break me out.


  1. SPF is very low. Need a top up of sunscreen over it.
  2. My skin is oily and it made my skin little greasy after 1-2 hour.
  3. Again my personal prob with jar packaging which is unhygienic for  me!
  4. Glass jar might break if handled carelessly.
  • My Final Say So finally I may conclude that this cream is for normal dry skin only, oily skin should opt for peach and plum daily glow moisturizer.
  • This is light and absorbs into skin easily but don’t keep skin moisturized through out the day ie., it stays for 6-7hrs. Due to low SPF you will have to apply a sunscreen if u are gona be in sun for more than an hour.
  • Since my skin is oily, Honey and Avocado is not for me, I’m happy with peach and plum moisturizer…

Have you used Honey and Avocado winter perfect day cream? How was your experience?

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  1. nice review i have an combi to oily skin in winter i purchased lotus herbal sheamoist it kept my skin well moisturized though i felt it was heavy for my skin
    for summer i have purchased lakme starwberry creme and lotus herbal alohydra gel both are not moisturizing my skin……i feel dry after 2 hrs….now me looking for a nice moisturizer so should i opt peach and plum moisturizer , alphamoist or nivea soft…..really dont know what do u suggest ?????

    • Sheamoist is formulated for dry skin, may b thats why u felt heavy!
      Strawberry cream didn’t impressed me but Lakme fruit moisture strawberry,kiwi&pasion fruit Night cream is very moisturizing & is not greasy on my oily skin. :yes: :yes: Lotus Alohydra is good only in summers bt bad in winters!
      I think u should try peach&plum daily glow moisturizer coz for me alphamoist didn’t sustained winter dryness and nevea soft moisturized but made me greasy too! so now…it is your decision to choose from the lot..

      The final say is – for me winter products doesn’t suit me in summers and summer products doesn’t moisturize me in enough in winters!! :-(( :-((

      • thanks a lot u really helped me a lot i m def gonna try peach and plum moisturizer…..chosing a right moisturizer is so difficult and for the combi oily skin the situation is even worsen coz the moisturizer is way to oily or to dry !

        • yes you are right Arti, me too combi skin girl. oily in T-zone and dry patches on cheeks :-(( :-(( and till date i have tried many moisturizers but satisfied with only 2-3! 😕 but then also i need different moisturizers for summers and winters!! :sarcasm: :sarcasm:

  2. Hey Anshita, i didn’t used the lotion, ya i agree that creams don’t suit us oilies but its winters u know, and i thought for winter dryness, lotion will be less effective, thats why i chose cream.
    but still i feel, lotion too will suit dry skin gals..

    • oh thank god, what i felt about honey and avocado, same thing is felt by others too!
      ya Tanz, i too think like you, this cream’s moisturizing ability is for short period of time!


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