Lakme Fruit Moisture Winter Care Lotion Review (Honey & Avocado)


After my Jergens Body Moisturiser got over I was looking for a body lotion and after reading Sri’s review of Lakme fruit moisturizer in peach and plum I went ahead and bought Lakme fruit moisture winter care lotionin honey and avocado.

What Kind of moisturizer I was looking for – Summer are almost out from Hyderabad(India) and my skin needs moisturizer which is light , doesn’t make me feel greasy and don’t make me feel dry for long time.

What Lakme Fruit Moisture Winter care lotion claims :-


  • Fruit Moisture Honey & Avocado Winter Care Lotion with Nutriv moisture Technology -A breakthrough deep moisturizing technology that is a blend of 9 Hydrating Agents
  • Essential vitamins 1 anti oxidant & 1AHA
  • Seeps into your skin’s deepest layers to replenish and revive parched skin.Experience deeply moisturized skin for 12 hours long.
  • Price =Rs200 for 200ml

Lakme winter body lotion reviews Lakme fruit moisture winter care lotion body lotion

  • How I used it – Applied the lotion every day after bath and sometime  before going to bed on dry areas of the body 
  • Ingredients:-


Lakme fruit moisture Ingredients

  • Packaging – A very stylish creamy white packaging with a metallic gold Lakme logo which looks regal.Lakme has differentialted the bottle fragrance by their caps the one in peach has a peach color cap where as this one has white.It has a flip top packaging which is travel friendly and bottle is quite sturdy.
  • Fragrance – It has strong but likable fragrance which stays for a while so if yo do not like strong scented body lotion then this might be not of your liking .

Lakme fruit Moisture Winter care lotion honey reviews

  • Moisturization :-  Though it’s a winter care lotion and I am using it a little before winter but in no way it makes me feel greasy. It’s very light on the skin and will suit oily and combination skin nicely. If one has extremely flaky and dry skin then she might have to look for a more moistrizing lotion. Little amount of the lotion goes a long way and keeps skin moisturized for 6-7 hours.After applying it my skin feels soft, smooth and  nourished throughout the day. It seeps into the skin with in seconds and with its nice fragrance gives me that feminine feeling. Lotion is neither very runny nor too thick and it has milky peach colour. The day I do not use this I feel the difference in my skin and keep it near to moisten my hands every now and then.

Honey And Avocado moistriser reviews+Lakme winter care body lotion

What I do not like about Lakme Fruit Moisture winter care lotion :-

  • It does not have SPF

Will I recommend it to others I like this lotion better than the famous Jergens aloevera lotion and will highly recommend it to oily or combination skin  this winter.

Wise She Rating 

  • Overall 4/5
  • Packaging 5/5
  • Moisturizing – 4.5/5
  • Availability- 5/5

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  1. Hey Anamika,
    Nice review, my sis was just planning to buy this but after reading your review will surely ask her to go ahead with the purchase also I just bought Vaseline total moisture few days back and loved it, if poss check it out too, have a nice eve 😉


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