Lakme Glide On Eye Color in Henna Gold Review & Swatches


Lakme Glide On Eye Color in Henna Gold – Review & Swatches

My sis had to attend her BFF’s wedding and when I did her eye makeup, I used this eye pencil on her. She liked it so much and was planning to buy one for herself. So I’ve decided to give mine to her but thought I’d review it for you guys before I do :shy:. I got this eye pencil shortly after it was launched and earlier the shade selection was mind-boggling! :inlove: They had a lot of stunning hues including a shimmery pink. But I don’t see most of those shades now and have reason to believe they’ve discontinued most of them :confused:

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Lakme Glide On Eye Color in Henna Gold – Review & Swatches+LAKME EYELINER

About Lakme Glide On Eye Color in Henna Gold

  • Crushed gemstones sprinkled with the brilliance of precious metals.
  • For eyes that reflect the stars.
  • Quantity: 1.2 gms
  • Price: INR 275
  • Shelf life: Not mentioned. Only date of packing is given.

Shades available:

  • Smoky Green
  • Irridescent Blue
  • Peacock Green
  • Metallic Black
  • Aqua Green
  • Warm Copper
  • Plush Purple

My Take on Lakme Glide On Eye Color in Henna Gold :-

  • Packaging: 

The pencil is made of black wood and it needs to be sharpened. The tail end of the pencil has gold- colored plastic that prevents it from damage. The date of packing is embossed on the body of the pencil. The cap is transparent and this makes it easy to locate shades if you own more than one. Usually, transparent caps are flimsy and develop cracks easily. But this is very sturdy and has not developed a single crack in all the years I’ve had it. If the cap is shut tightly until it fits snugly, it does not open up while travelling.

  • Shade Description:

As the name suggests, it is the color of henna powder or khaki green with a generous helping of finely milled gold shimmer. The shimmer is neither chunky nor gritty and gives a lovely, sparkly sheen. The gold tone is more prominent than the green, making this is an ideal bridal/ party wear shade. But I love wearing this shade even for regular shopping since it is not over-powering and goes well with almost all outfits.

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Lakme Glide On Eye Color in Henna Gold – Review & Swatches+LAKME GLIDE ON EYELINER

  • Texture:

Again, as suggested, it truly glides on effortlessly. It is super smooth and creamy and will not tug at your eye lids.

  • Pigmentation:

Sadly, this shade does not show up on my skin at all :struggle:. The pigmentation is pretty sheer and requires multiple swipes for the color to show. But as always, I wear this over black and when done so, the color shows up beautifully. It takes on an antique finish and yet is very wearable. But even while layering over black you will require multiple swipes for the color to show up. But the good news is that, the pigmentation can be built up and you can get deep, intense color in a few more strokes.

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Lakme Glide On Eye Color in Henna Gold – Review & Swatches+HENNA GOLD EYELINER

  • Lasting power:

It lasts for the entire day until I decide to take it off. Even when worn on its own (and not over black) the color stays put for 5 to 6 hours easily. It is also quite water resistant and does not smudge, flake or bleed.

  • Sensitivity:

I have used this on my lash line as well as waterline several times and it has not irritated my eyes even once. It is rare to find an eye pencil with gold shimmer that does not make me go all teary-eyed, but I feel this one can safely be used on the waterline even if you have sensitive eyes.

  • Removal:

It comes off easily with soap and water and does not require a separate cleanser. But some of the fine shimmer does linger and may require extra effort to remove completely.

The pic below does not do justice to how gorgeous this shade is. I’ve worn it over black here, both on the lash line as well as waterline but the color is slightly more deep and intense than what is shown. Please refer to the hand swatch for the true color.

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Lakme Glide On Eye Color in Henna Gold – Review & Swatches+EYELINER SWATCH

What I like about Lakme GIide On Eye Color in Henna Gold:

  • Sturdy, travel-friendly packaging
  • Glides on effortlessly without tugging
  • Lovely, deep, khaki/olive green shade with dominant gold shimmer
  • Shimmer is finely milled and is not chunky or gritty
  • Shade will suit a wide array of complexions
  • Does not look OTT and can be used in the daytime as well
  • Looks exquisite when worn over black eye liner
  • Pigmentation can be built up as desired
  • Color lasts for the entire day until I decide to take it off
  • Water-resistant
  • Does not smudge, bleed or flake
  • Safe to use on the waterline
  • Can be easily removed with soap and water
  • Reasonably priced for the quality
  • Easily available

What I don’t like about Lakme GIide On Eye Color in Henna Gold:

  • This particular shade does not show up when worn alone and needs to be layered over black
  • Pigmentation is quite sheer and requires multiple swipes for the color to show
  • Needs to be sharpened
  • Ingredients are not mentioned

Possible Dupes:

I have a feeling this shade has been discontinued because I couldn’t find it anywhere online but I’m not too sure. You may be lucky enough to find it at a store instead. So just in case it’s unavailable, I thought I’d suggest a couple of dupes. Colorbar I-Define in Moss green is a close dupe but is more green than gold when compared to this. A closer dupe is NYX Slide on eye pencil in Golden Olive. Another close match is Maybelline Vivid and Smooth liner in Olive. If you know of any more dupes, please mention them in the comments below :lashes:

Final thoughts on Lakme GIide On Eye Color in Henna Gold:

I totally recommend this range of eye pencils from Lakme since they are smooth, long-lasting, budge-proof and come in a variety of shimmery hues. This looks gorgeous under bright lights is a bride’s must-have although this particular shade is slightly muted and can be worn in the day time as well :yes:

Rating: 4.8/5

Have you tried Lakme Glide On Eye Color in Henna Gold?


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  1. what lovely pencil from you again 😀 ah i just love your around eye area, the skin looks so smooth and voila not even slight dark shadows ?:-) i wonder which concealer you use 😛 or may be u don’t have any 😉

  2. hey this seems like a must buy for its staying power and the fact it doesn smudge . but you say its discontinued 🙁 ?? has the whole range been discontinued or just some shades ? I would love a peacock green in this . Thanks for this review Nafisa 🙂

  3. They have warm copper, mattalic black, plush purple, peacock green and aqua green colours in this range too….quite nice to apply. goes on smoothlyy

  4. Ur eyes r sooo pretty naf… Nthe pics r so good…

    I am sooo fond of this shade and probably this is the only shade which is almost over…hehe…

  5. woww… this is lovely.. Nafi! But m not getting this.. Coz bourjois bronze raffine is a very close dupe of this… i have it! yeyeyeyyee :hug-makeup: :yippee: :dance-left-right: :lipstick: :tap-dance:


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