Lakme Jewel Sindoor review

Sindoor, is a very essential ornament of an Indian bride. During the marriage ceremony, the husband applies it to the bride for the first time and henceforth, it is seen as the visible expression of a woman’s desire and prayers for her husband’s longevity. Sindoor, or kumkum, is considered to be very auspicious by Indians and thus, used for various purposes on special occasions like wedding and festivals.
When I got married, for the first few months it was a essential part of my everyday dressing routine. Initially, I dint know about liquid sindoor. So had options of using either in lipstick or powder form. Lipstick feels a little uncomfortable and sticky especially in summers so I took the powder one. Every morni ng putting the sindoor was a harrowing experience. It will get stuck in my nails or fall on my nose and leave a red effect. Then my mom got this Liquid Sindoor for me.

Lakme Jewel Sindoor  Swatches:-


Price-95 Rs for 4.5 ml


1. The applicator has a soft tip and is easy to use. Doesn’t mess at all.

2. The packaging is pretty sleek and can be easily carried anywhere.

3. Dries pretty fast.

4. Ideal for summers. Doesnt smudge or melt.

5. Lasts long. I had bought it a year back and I am still using it. Doesnt get spoiled.

6. Decently priced.

Cons-I think its just perfect.

Worth A buy-I feel the product is an absolute value for money.



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  1. This sindoor looks really attractive and beautiful Ishika..I am surely going to buy this..what all colors does it come in?

  2. probably a interesting idea will be wear sleek line of silver or gold and then put a small red or orange dot on it.what say..worth trying naa?

  3. Hey, I was just wondering.. Is this applied directly to the mid-parting in the hair? Are there any side-effects? Staining or hair loss?

  4. YES it is applied on the mid parting..there will be no hair loss wont stain too ..if you want to remove it just use a make up remover:)

  5. Hi,

    I have been using this for a very long time.I totally agree with all your pros and for me also absolutely no cons.But mine just finished off and I don’t know where to buy this one.I’m living in US and I would like to know if there is any store that I would get this online.I would be very much obliged if you could help me.


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